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  • Graphic of multiple people on different devices
    Published On: 08/09/21

    Millions of remote workers are beginning to head back to their offices, many of them for the first time in

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  • Image of Olivier Meyer, VP Product, "What's New with Vbrick Rev, June 2021"
    Published On: 06/29/21

    It's a Wrap (of the 1h 2021 Vbrick Rev Roadmap We just deployed our June Rev Cloud release this

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  • Abstract image of a eye with a colorful reflection looking at colorful pinwheels and lines
    Published On: 06/16/21

    Video has become a staple of virtually every meeting in the Enterprise. Sales & Marketing teams have discovered how

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  • graphic of 2 people standing next to an oversized mobile phone, and carrying large "like" and "love" social media buttons
    Published On: 05/18/21

    Employee engagement is an employee’s intellectual and emotional connection with an employer, demonstrated by motivation and commitment to positivelyimpact

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  • Vbrick Rev May 2021 release by Olivier Meyer
    Published On: 05/10/21

    This week, we started to roll out the latest version of the Vbrick Rev Enterprise Platform across our global datacenters.  This release was

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  • Graphic of people on a live webcast
    Published On: 04/27/21

    Whether you are planning for an Internal Webcast, a Marketing Webinar, or your next Virtual Event, live streaming can offer

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