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Video Analytics

Video Analytics2024-07-08T13:38:15-04:00

Enhance Video Experiences With Powerful User Insights

Vbrick’s video analytics deliver rich insights and engagement metrics for live video and video on demand. Better understand your audiences — no matter where they are in the world — to enhance their experiences, deliver greater value, and maximize ROI.

Why You Need Enterprise Video Analytics

Your enterprise is doubling down on video to keep your hybrid workforce engaged and informed. But understanding users’ experience and engagement levels with your digital content can be challenging. You need the ability to see both big-picture trends and granular user metrics to make sure your videos are working as hard as they should.

Key Features

Granular user insights

Provide a detailed look at viewing times, drop offs, completion rates, and more to help ensure compliance.

Comprehensive reporting

Understand who is watching video content across your enterprise, whether in Vbrick Rev or embedded in other applications.

Data aggregation and analysis

Quickly surface experience and engagement trends across your audiences, so you can optimize your video strategy over time.

Real-time performance monitoring

Ensure an optimal experience for critical live events such as CEO townhalls.

Pinpoint network bottlenecks

Understand the quality of live streams at the individual user level.

Vbrick has helped us expand our use of video in support of our operations. It helps to optimize our video traffic and increased the overall reach of video for both live & on-demand use. Rev has helped us save money on hardware & software costs as well.

Infrastructure and Operations Manager

Enhance Your Videos with Vbrick’s Actionable Insights

Vbrick’s intelligent video analytics solution offers actionable insights to help you discover what makes your videos work — as well as what’s holding them back. Some things you can do with these intelligent video analytics are:

  • Compare the metrics of your successful videos with your unsuccessful ones. With these, you can quickly discover what commonalities and differences they share for actionable insights into what keeps your viewers’ attention.
  • Break down videos into individual segments to find issues at specific timestamps. For example, if there’s a common timestamp when employees stop watching, you can look at that part to potentially find technical issues — or perhaps interest simply drops off then.
  • Use analytics to learn exactly what’s affecting video success rates. This enables you to improve your videos, both in terms of content and technical issues, such as excessive buffering or frequent error messages.
  • Keep track of who’s watching your mandatory content, such as training, safety, or legal videos. You can then follow up with any employees who haven’t yet viewed them.
  • Gain insights into trends by placing a poll in your video and implementing a chat, which you can analyze later. These also can ensure viewer engagement.

How Our Clients Benefit From Our Intelligent Video Analytics Software

Videos are a major part of running a successful company. Here are two of our clients that have benefited from Vbrick:

Client #1

Our customer has daily video briefings to share information and engage employees. Employees begin each shift reviewing a short video on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device through the security-enhanced Vbrick platform. Vbrick’s software can ensure workers are watching the briefings until the end, and the data can be used to provide reports for audits, documentation, and other purposes.

Client #2

A certified public accounting firm uses Vbrick’s analytics for documentation and proof related to accreditation. They want to be sure each person is watching their training videos and that employees are fulfilling their continuing professional education (CPE) credits. 

The firm’s live events feature polls and Vbrick’s analytics can show who answered which question and when, ensuring that users are present and paying attention. To make sure people are who they say they are, the company also uses advanced video analytics software to see what device and browser the person used, and other identifying information. This is useful for auditing and security purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export the data into a spreadsheet?2023-05-22T16:27:09-04:00

All data can be exported as a comma-separated value (CSV) file, allowing it to be used practically anywhere, including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Do I need a camera, facial recognition, motion detection, or other types of video surveillance?2023-05-22T16:28:53-04:00

Not at all! Our video analytics application isn’t meant to be a video surveillance-like security solution and doesn’t use video footage or any type of camera to detect user activity. Face recognition is not a component of the platform.

Vbrick’s analytics software or video data are not designed with video surveillance, object detection or public safety in mind.

Does Vbrick’s video analytics solution use machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI)?2023-05-22T16:31:31-04:00

Yes. Machine learning and AI are both integral parts of the Vbrick platform.

What if I want to monitor a stream?2023-05-22T16:32:11-04:00

In addition to videos on demand, you can host a live video stream and monitor it in real-time to ensure you’re on top of any technical difficulties or security issues that may arise.

Is video analytic software included with the Vbrick EVP?2023-05-22T16:33:19-04:00

Yes! Read more about our enterprise video platform here.

What if I want to stream a video feed on a private network?2023-05-22T16:34:11-04:00

Vbrick offers comprehensive eCDN solutions for maximum security and scalable video delivery.

Does Vbrick offer video platform as a service (VPaaS)?2023-05-22T16:34:52-04:00

If you need to develop custom applications from a robust suite of APIs and SDKs, Vbrick offers VPaaS.

What if I need a platform to manage all my video content?2023-05-22T16:35:23-04:00

Vbrick’s solutions offer a full suite of cloud-based video content management tools.

Do I have to use Vbrick EVP to watch video, or can I use my existing tools?2023-05-22T16:36:11-04:00

Vbrick EVP can easily be integrated or embedded with your existing platforms, including social media or virtually any other pre-deployed solution, all with the enhanced security of Vbrick.

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