Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

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Create Amazing Video Experiences

Now more than ever, your organization needs to bridge physical distances to unite, inspire, and engage your people. With Vbrick, deliver live and on-demand video to communicate change initiatives, simplify large-scale trainings, amplify diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and more. Trust the industry’s leading cloud-based enterprise video platform to keep your digital content secure while delivering exceptional experiences to every viewer, on every device, every time — no matter the size of the audience.

Key Use Cases


Use live video for senior leadership to bring teams together – no matter where they are in the world.

Executive Webcasts

Keep employees and customers informed with live and recorded executive webcasts.

Remote Work and Collaboration

Spark innovation and boost morale by enhancing the way information is shared.

Knowledge Sharing

Enable employees to quickly create and share video content without any special software or tools.

Investor Relations

Improve investor and corporate relations by showing the human side of your business through video.

“What I like about Vbrick is how easy it is for the user to share information to colleagues in a very interactive environment. The Q&A, chat, and polling features make it easy for viewers to participate in live webcasts. Along with the ability to record your live webcasts and then share the VOD for people who missed the live event is very helpful.”

Corporate Communications Professional, Automotive

Vbrick offers corporate communications teams:

  • Scalable, secure HD-quality video distribution on private networks
  • An intuitive user interface that helps prevent workflow bottlenecks
  • Seamless integrations with tools employees already use like Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams
  • Robust analytics and management for tracking attendance, drop off, engagement, and more
  • Content enrichment with available search, translation, and transcription functionality

Talk to an Expert

Your enterprise video needs are unique and evolving rapidly. Our team of world-class engineers, professional services experts, and customer success managers are here to make sure your Vbrick Enterprise Video Platform deployment and network architecture are optimized to support your business goals – today and in the future.

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