Dispersed government agencies rely on video for everything from a public meeting to engaging constituents through live video streaming events. The Federal Government trusts Vbrick’s cloud-based enterprise video platform for compliant live and recorded content delivery.


Dispersed government agencies rely on video for everything from a public meeting to engaging constituents through live video streaming events. The Federal Government trusts Vbrick’s cloud-based enterprise video platform for compliant live and recorded content delivery.


Certified Security for Your Live Streaming and Online Events

Due to our thorough experience, Vbrick is familiar with the unique needs of a government organization, which is why we’re so transparent about our retention policies. That’s just one reason countless organizations across federal and local governments trust our enterprise video platform (available with cloud or private cloud deployments) to deliver live and recorded video content at scale, while meeting the most stringent compliance requirements. The platform’s intuitive portal enables video creation and sharing for both internal and external audiences, while operating securely on your private network so you maintain full data control.

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Vbrick has achieved certifications on federal networks throughout organizations at all security levels — unclassified and classified, civilian and defense. Approved for government use, the Vbrick Enterprise Video Platform is designed to meet the most stringent Federal Government requirements and is:

  • The first and only cloud-based enterprise video platform to achieve FedRAMP accreditation
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant
  • SOC II compliant
  • Section 508 compliant (VPAT certified)
  • GDPR compliant
  • HIPAA compliant

With security features for encryption, fine-grained access controls, and centralized governance, you’re always in full control of your video content.

Which Video Features Are Most in Demand Among Government Agencies?

These days, all content platforms are getting a boost in functionality through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) – and enterprise video platforms are no exception.

Thanks to these advancements, we can improve the transcription and translation services as well as search capabilities. As our platform keeps evolving, we plan to include features like automatically generated video summaries and transcript-based chatbots to improve how your teams can access video content. Features like these give you deeper insight into your ROI as well as employee and civic engagement.

Improved Access Control and Permissions

While streaming press conferences or special events on platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and other social media can enhance civic engagement, utilizing Vbrick as a base provides advantages such as enhanced access controls and permission features. These features address the limitations of those platforms for other use cases.

Accessibility Enhancements

AI and ML enable new features enhancing content accessibility and improving the overall experience with your government agency for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals. Features include:

  • Automated closed captioning
  • Contrast colors
  • Tab navigation
  • Automatically generated translations

By offering these options, it’s easier for you to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and enable smoother workflows that support non-native speakers to navigate otherwise overwhelming situations.

Adapting to Remote Work Through eCDNs

The demand for remote work or hybrid workplaces is increasing, forcing government agencies to adapt. Ensure your solution allows for secure and effective communication at scale before choosing a platform. Consider these challenges before deciding:

  • High data volume and scale of operations
  • Wide range of tools for video capture, production, management, and distribution
  • Changing state of return to work policies

These factors make enterprise content delivery networks (eCDNs) a critical building block for government agencies’ infrastructure, adapting to fluctuating network traffic and network configurations across office sites.

Seamless Integration

To serve government agencies’ unique needs, Vbrick seamlessly integrates with other systems:

  • Low-code application platforms
  • Customer and employee engagement platforms (Webex)
  • Learning management systems
  • Collaboration or meeting tools (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Pexip)
  • Digital business and workflow platforms (ServiceNow)

This makes it easy for your agency to securely capture, manage, and distribute video content across operations to unlock hidden potential.

For those looking to broadcast announcements to audiences of various sizes, Vbrick also offers advanced live-streaming production and distribution capabilities. You decide whether you’d like to share your stream only within your internal network or with external viewers as well. With our built-in eCDN, you can reach an audience of up to 100,000. And once you’re finished, you can benefit from our robust analytics for tracking network performance and usage.

Key Use Cases For:

How Do We Get Video Streaming Up and Running on a Government Network?

It’s best to start with a needs assessment of your agency’s requirements. Try to consider your use cases and target audience to determine the scale of streaming and features you’ll need on a regular basis. It’s also helpful to include various groups in this step, from the citizens you serve to employees in various departments, including IT and network administrators.

Once you’re aware of your current needs, it’s time to plan your platform’s technical setup and adjust features and equipment accordingly. The most important step at this stage is to configure your privacy settings accurately, but you’ll also need to set up encoding hardware and software. All of this should be thoroughly tested before you go live for the first time.

Finally, don’t forget to schedule and promote your live streams so your citizens and employees can benefit from your new configuration.

Work With Us!

Vbrick is available through a wide variety of government contract vehicles, such as GWACs (SEWP/NITAC/GSA), set-asides, BPAs, GSA Schedule, and open market. Working with a diverse set of authorized partners and multiple purchasing methods, we make it easy to acquire and implement our enterprise video platform (EVP) for your agency.

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