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Broadcast High-Quality Live Video Across Your Entire Network 

Supercharge your video communications strategies with live webcasting from Vbrick. Trust the world’s leading cloud-native enterprise video platform (EVP) to broadcast to tens of thousands of people simultaneously — without ever compromising performance or audience experience.

Why You Need Live Webcasting at Enterprise Scale

Whether it’s a company-wide meeting, a training course, or a partner event, you need a reliable way to connect with users in real time. Your existing collaboration solutions weren’t built for large audiences and bandwidth restrictions often impact streaming quality — frustrating presenters and attendees alike. You need an enterprise-class platform that eliminates uncertainty and brings everyone together seamlessly.

Key Features

Flexible capture functionality

Keep things simple by allowing anyone to use encoders, existing video conference software, or a browser and webcam as the source for their webcast.

Network-wide distribution

Deliver amazing video experiences to every person, on every device, every time with our market-leading enterprise content delivery network (eCDN).

Live captioning

Enrich content with market-leading translation and transcription functions — making your live events more accessible and inclusive. We can provide translated subtitles in 48+ languages and live transcription in eight.*

*Available as an add-on feature with Rev IQ.

Live chat, Q&A, and polling

Encourage deeper user interaction and engagement. Give your audience control of layout, audio, and video and make presentation materials available for download to enhance the experience.

Real-time analytics and management

Monitor network and streaming performance in real time. Pinpoint network bottlenecks by viewing re-buffering rates, errors, and stream performance indicators.

Best-in-class security

Protect your content, manage viewers, and integrate with organizational policies, permissions, and network requirements to give you peace of mind.

“We love how the Vbrick platform has streamlined our webcasting workflow. Our corporation has a very dispersed staff. Most of our employees work at client sites or at offsite locations. Rev has enabled us to support firm-wide events that allow our staff to connect and view the events from wherever they happen to be located. One link connects our staff either to our internal network or to an external connection on any device. This allows our staff to feel engaged with their colleagues and leadership.”

Network Administrator, Large Enterprise

Enterprise Scale, Flexible Pricing and Deployment

Live webcasting is delivered by the Vbrick Enterprise Video Platform, an end-to-end, cloud-native solution. By removing operational, performance, security, and integration barriers to adoption, Vbrick unlocks the true power of video for the enterprise.

Active User Pricing

With our flexible pricing model, customers pay for what is used, making it easier to provide access to more users without unnecessarily driving up licensing fees.

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Unlimited Distribution

Gain flexibility with our unlimited webcasting and the ability to deploy as many DMEs and Rev Connect peer meshes as you need to adapt to your growing and changing networks.

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How to Buy

Vbrick’s flexible pricing makes it easy to provide access to more people in your organization without unnecessarily driving up licensing fees. We’ll work with you to understand your goals and design a solution that meets the needs of your enterprise.

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