Studio Broadcasts in Your Browser

During any broadcast, whether it’s a high-stakes CEO town hall or a quarterly department update, it’s not just what you say that matters, but also how you say it.

Studio Broadcasts in Your Browser

During any broadcast, whether it’s a high-stakes CEO town hall or a quarterly department update, it’s not just what you say that matters, but also how you say it.

Studio Broadcasts in Your Browser2023-11-13T15:00:17-05:00

Produce More Engaging Events

When your audiences tune in for an important event, they expect a professional, high-quality video experience — a visual reflection of your company and brand. But that doesn’t have to mean blowing your budget on costly production studio equipment and software.

Vbrick is leading the enterprise video industry with Producer, which allows users to create high-production value webcasts and recordings – no third-party hardware or software required. With Producer, any user can:

  • Stream rich and compelling live events directly from within the Vbrick platform with no additional licensing or fees
  • Host studio-grade webcasts for up to nine presenters without support from an expert A/V team
  • Seamlessly create a professional experience for any type of broadcast with simple-to-use, drag-and-drop functionality

Utilize a Powerful AI Tool Set

Vbrick’s video production platform has a built-in AI tool set that makes your product experience exceptional. Vbrick’s platform is able to automatically generate subtitles in 48 different languages and create AI transcripts that users can search with keywords to find specific sections.

Talk to an Expert

Let our team show you how easy it is for anyone in your enterprise to use Producer and make their webcast feel like a studio broadcast.

Deliver Exceptional Experiences

Bring the exceptional, production-quality video experiences people have come to expect to your enterprise.

  • Make Professional More Accessible
    • Simple drag-and-drop functionality means anyone in your organization can create high-impact videos without expert A/V team support – with just a browser and a web cam.
  • Present Together from Anywhere
    • Broadcast with up to nine remote presenters who can stay in sync by collaborating in a private backstage room. Increase engagement by sharing screens, slides, and videos to audiences around the world.
  • Eliminate Costly Extras
    • Save time and resources by creating webcasts and recordings directly within Vbrick’s cloud-based enterprise video platform – no extra tools, licensees, third parties, or production cycles required.
  • Customize Your Look and Feel
    • Choose from a variety of layouts and backgrounds, then build and stage them to make sure things look perfect before pushing them live. Introduce presenters with display banners, and easily share and swap screens during the broadcast.
Live event using Vbrick Producer

Available Features

Producer includes easy-to-use features for creating studio-grade experiences – from high-stakes CEO town halls to quarterly department updates.

  • Create high-quality video productions with up to nine remote presenters
  • Collaborate with the group in a private backstage room
  • Choose from a library of layouts for different formats
  • Build and stage your layout before pushing it live
  • Share presenter screens to show slides and videos
  • Display banners with presenters’ names/information
  • Pick a background image to enhance the experience

Powerful Features For Hosts and Administrators

Hosts have full control over what goes on in their video and can directly interact with the audience. Administrators can determine who is able to see which videos, among many other capabilities, including:

  • Set up different roles with different capacities in the platform (media viewer, creator, etc.)
  • Keep videos stored internally or share them
  • Implement password protection
  • Embed videos on web pages
  • Upload video directly to the server, use a web link to add it to a database, or have a live broadcast using Vbrick that can be recorded and automatically added to the library
  • Set videos to require approval before they can be uploaded
  • Have content expire after a time period, removing it from the platform

Vbrick’s End-to-End Platform Streamlines Your Enterprise Video Needs

Producer is available to all Vbrick Enterprise Video Platform customers as an integrated capability at no additional cost. From seamless production to scalable and secure distribution, to video content management, enrichment, and analytics, Vbrick’s got your live and on-demand video needs covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to upload video to social media?2023-05-18T16:46:41-04:00

Yes. Any virtual events recorded using Producer can be embedded on virtually any social media platform.

Can I use the video editor after it’s recorded?2023-05-18T16:45:51-04:00

Yes, Producer allows you to edit your video content before making it available for viewing.

What if I want to customize the platform’s colors?2023-05-18T16:30:46-04:00

You can customize Producer’s colors as you like to suit your brand.

What web browsers does Producer support?2023-05-18T16:30:14-04:00

Any HTML5-compatible browser will work with Producer.

Can I set videos to start at specific timestamps?2023-05-18T16:29:28-04:00

Yes. Similar to YouTube, viewers can create links to videos that specify when to start video clips.

Do I need to download an app to use Producer?2023-05-18T16:28:37-04:00

No. Producer is browser-based and stores data in the cloud. No installation of any software is required.

How to Buy

Producer is built in to the Vbrick Enterprise Video Platform, so there are no additional licensing fees. Talk to our video experts today to learn how it can take your streaming events to the next level.

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