Rev for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals are seeing an explosive growth in enterprise video streaming.  These videos are used for patient education, health information, physician biographies, department overviews – all for educational purposes.  Caregivers are experiencing increased collaboration among care teams as well as with patients.  Additionally, operational expenses are being decreased throughout healthcare facilities. With Vbrick’s Rev solution, healthcare services can capture video from any recording device and store these videos in a secure platform using enterprise grade security. Healthcare organizations turn to Rev’s for these unsurpassed security capabilities.

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Our Reach in the Healthcare Industry Includes


Doctor Offices

Preventative Services

Therapeutic Services

Health Insurance Firms

Vbrick Rev offers leading companies:

  • A single, secure platform which is required to handle sensitive data
  • The ability to manage and share video content in a secure and searchable video platform
  • A solution that integrates with Learning Management Systems to allow employees to be trained at scale
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Improve Patient Outcomes

Maximize Resources

Improve Internal Communication

Create cost-effective training for healthcare professionals

Ensure timely internal communications between administrative and medical staff

Use video to connect patients, specialists and physicians with telehealth consultations

Communicate with video to high risk populations and educate them with preventative care measures

Case Study:

One of the world’s premier pharmaceutical companies had an aging, underperforming webcasting platform.  This was used for thousands of webcasts.  This enterprise used Rev to deliver a secure, high quality live HD broadcast to all employee desktops and mobile devices.  Initial applications include CEO broadcasts.  Employees are now leveraging Rev to view, search, record and collaborate on video content.