Edge Caching

Achieve up to 99.5% Bandwidth Savings for Live and On-Demand Video Streaming

Edge Caching

Achieve up to 99.5% Bandwidth Savings for Live and On-Demand Video Streaming

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A Single, Cost-Effective Solution for High-Quality Live and On-Demand Video

Transform enterprise streaming with Vbrick Edge Caching — a lightweight, cost-effective solution that optimizes bandwidth by bringing video closer to your audience. Deploy this enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) on your existing infrastructure with a simple, one-time set up for both live and on-demand video.

The Vbrick Edge Caching Advantage

Enhance your video experience by minimizing latency and optimizing your network with Vbrick Edge Caching. Our caching software, placed strategically on servers at the edge of the enterprise WAN, retrieves and stores video fragments locally. Subsequent viewers in the same location access the video directly from the local cache, reducing traffic on the corporate internet connection and WAN links. This preserves bandwidth for critical applications, providing employees with a high-quality, glitch-free experience with faster start times.

Lightweight, software-only solution

Effortlessly scales with a one-time setup

Flexible and cost-effective alternative to expensive infrastructure upgrades

Centralized eCDN management through a user-friendly cloud console with advanced cache routing rules

Vbrick Universal eCDN

Vbrick Universal eCDN is the only solution on the market with three advanced eCDN technologies: peer-to-peer, edge caching, and multicast. Use any combination to deliver your message at scale securely and without interruption.

Unparalleled Excellence in Video Delivery

Top-Tier Security and Compliance

Experience top-tier security and compliance:

  • FedRAMP-certified
  • SOC 2 Type II accredited
  • GDPR-compliant

Our encryption secures your video both in transit and at rest.

Take control of your video ecosystem with deployment options behind your organization’s firewall.

Simple Cloud Management and Analytics

Enjoy a centralized platform for ongoing management, monitoring, and in-depth analytics.

Gain insights with comprehensive real-time and post-event analytics, down to individual end-user device.

Ensure uninterrupted service with high availability and heartbeat monitoring.

Advanced Integration Capabilities

Embrace deep integrations with Webex Webinars and Microsoft Teams, including town hall support.

Support various streaming sources, protocols, and delivery methods.

Tailor your experience with custom or bespoke integrations using our software development kit (SDK).

Talk to an Expert

Choose Vbrick for expert support in architecting and deploying your enterprise video distribution technology. Our seasoned team will create a tailored eCDN solution to meet your organization’s current and future needs.

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