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Rev Overview
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Unparalleled Scalability

High Definition Video

Rev offers advanced enterprise video management functionality while also featuring unparalleled scalability for the delivery of high definition video live or on-demand.


The Power of Rev



Transform video from any source so anyone anywhere can innovate.



Unify all video assets to easily organize, secure and share them at scale.



Broaden the reach of video and empower users where they live.


The Rev Platform provides best-in-class security, seamless integration, comprehensive analytics, and data enrichment to raise your video IQ.


  • One-Stop Shop
    Rev allows enterprises to do more with a single solution.
  • Enterprise Versatility
    Live streaming & video on demand (VOD) solutions for a wide variety of use cases.
  • Time & Cost Efficient
    Integrated tools like online video editing minimize software costs and workflow bottlenecks.
  • Fits Existing IT Architecture
    Comprehensive video distribution (eCDN) options to meet the needs of any organization.
  • Certified Secure
    FEDRAMP Authorized – compliant with top security standards across industries to ensure your cybersecurity specifications are covered out of the box.
  • Multiple Encryption
    Videos are encrypted both at-rest and in-transit.
  • Three Tier Approach
    Read more about how we ensure security is ingrained in our platform’s DNA.



  • Responsive Design
    Ensure an enjoyable experience across any device.
  • HTML 5 Video
    Seamless cross-platform playback without special applications or plugins.
  • Deployed As You Need It
    Cloud or Hybrid environments ensure that your organization’s specific needs can be fulfilled.
  • Easy Integration
    Connect Rev with top enterprise platforms like Cisco Webex, Salesforce, Slack, and more.
  • Rich API
    Rev’s ability to tailor fit within your enterprise’s systems and architecture is perennially lauded by industry analysts.
  • Enterprise Search
    Integrated and API options for searching video content. Ability to search beyond video metadata into speech transcriptions, and even the visual content of the videos themselves.
  • Comprehensive Analysis
    Rev will collect both user information and video streaming details so that all aspects of a video streaming session can be analyzed. Regardless if your interest is the quality of engagement or technical delivery, Rev generates the data you need to form insights.