Enterprise Video Platform

Unlock the power of video with the world’s leading cloud-native, end-to-end enterprise video platform.

Enterprise Video Platform

Unlock the power of video with the world’s leading cloud-native, end-to-end enterprise video platform.

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Why You Need Video Purpose-Built for the Enterprise

From live and on-demand video streaming to video content management and comprehensive analytics, Vbrick is the leading enterprise video platform trusted by the world’s largest brands.

eCDN for Video Distribution

Tap into the best built-in enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) on the market to deliver an amazing video experience to every person, every time.

  • Overcome network bottlenecks and meet the full demands of a hybrid workforce through flexible, secure, and scalable delivery on a private network
  • Utilize our portfolio of distribution tools, including edge caching, peer-assisted or peer-to-peer, or multicast options to fit the needs of your network
  • Optimize your existing network investments with our robust architecture that maximizes the user experience

Produce, Capture, and Enrich Video

Deliver professional and exceptional experiences using market-leading features for creating and enhancing videos.

  • Create professional, studio-grade broadcasts with up to nine presenters – no third party hardware or software required
  • Translate and transcribe video into 48+ languages in real time
  • Tag who is in the video and see what is being said as the video plays
  • Support user-generated content by simplifying video creation and editing – directly from the user’s browser or preferred video conferencing application or device

Live Video Streaming at Scale

Supercharge your corporate communications strategies with world-class live streaming video capabilities.

  • Reliably broadcast to tens of thousands of people simultaneously
  • Deliver a high-quality viewing experience regardless of viewer location or device
  • Encourage greater engagement via chat, Q&A, and polling features
  • Scale without limits with cloud-native architecture as your business needs evolve
  • Maximize your existing investments in hardware, software, and UCaaS solutions

Video Content Management

Aggregate your video assets and surface relevant content in a single cloud repository.

  • Easily access and share video content in seconds with AI-powered search and tagging
  • Extend your reach by making video accessible to viewers around the globe through a branded video portal
  • Create channels, categories, and playlists and subscribe to them to receive notifications about new content
  • Improve governance, compliance, and security
  • Set roles, viewing permissions, and video expiration dates
  • Add supporting files to provide additional information

Best-In-Class Security

Protect your organization’s intellectual property and proprietary video content with end-to-end enterprise security in the cloud.

  • Meet the highest standards in cloud security with the industry’s only FedRAMP-certified EVP
  • Simplify audits and meet SOC 2 and GDPR compliance requirements
  • Encrypt and protect all video content — in both “at rest” and “in transit” phases
  • Tightly integrate with organizational policies, permissions, and network requirements to gain peace of mind with end-to-end governance:
    • Multi-layered role-based security
    • Fine-grained access controls
    • User activity auditing
    • Versatile SSO integrations

Video Analytics

Gain deeper, real-time insights into both live video events and video on demand with rich video analytics.

  • Surface experience and engagement trends to see how viewers are engaging with your content
  • Gain valuable viewer insights such as viewing time, drop off, and completion rates
  • Resolve video quality and experience issues before they arise

AI-Powered Search and Translation

Enterprises today demand advanced content management features from their enterprise video platforms. That’s why we offer a wide range of ways to search video content using AI and other useful tools, such as automatic translations with software-generated subtitles.

  • AI-powered search and tagging features make it easy for users to find the content they need in seconds
  • Search videos by the person or people who appear in them
  • Automated transcription services enable users to easily sift through on-demand video content and zero in on the video segments they’re trying to isolate
  • Translation services can convert video recordings into more than 48 languages. Not only does this make your video content more accessible to a more diverse body of people, but it also enables the expansion of your labor force into other parts of the world

Seamless Integrations and APIs

Easily integrate or embed your video experiences with a wide variety of popular enterprise systems.

  • Continue using your preferred video conferencing solution, whether Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, or Pexip
  • Enhance the capture, enrichment, and storage of the video content your organization produces
  • Easily secure and deliver video content by embedding it on external websites, intranets, social platforms, third-party sites, and applications
  • Future-proof your technology investments and maximize video ROI

Maximize ROI, Optimize Bandwidth, and Empower Your Workforce

We help enterprises take full advantage of the value an enterprise video solution provides. This means better ROI, enhanced video experiences, and more satisfied employees.

Better ROI

Our enterprise video platform enhances the value of each video asset for a better user experience, increased employee engagement, improved communication, and greater productivity.

Optimized video experiences

Reduce or eliminate network slowdown for better viewing experiences, facilitating critical knowledge sharing via video.

Empowered, happier employees

Enterprise video is essential to keeping your distributed workforce informed and ensuring team members have the tools to do their best work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do system administrators have?2023-05-10T16:09:28-04:00

Your system administrators can create access controls and back-end workflows to ensure all video assets published to your content library are appropriate, secure, and meet compliance requirements. Admins can set permissions, ensuring only those designated are able to post or view videos. Governance protocols and workflows enable admins to leverage tighter control over the creation and distribution of content, subjecting content to a thorough review process by authorized personnel to make sure it adheres to all company standards or industry regulations. This can also protect sensitive enterprise and consumer data from leaking to less secure company-wide environments.

Is your enterprise video platform compatible with hybrid/remote work environments?2023-05-10T16:11:53-04:00

Video communication is more important to today’s workplaces than ever before. As companies have transitioned to remote and hybrid work environments, video conferencing solutions have become essential to facilitating collaborative knowledge sharing, maintaining company culture, and supporting distributed workforces around the world.

Will your software support a large number of video assets?2023-05-10T16:13:53-04:00

The software is as scalable as you need it to be. Enterprises now have thousands of video content assets floating around their ecosystems, creating a serious video management problem that could hamper the ability of employees to access and utilize that content. Coupled with the network challenges that come with video hosting — such as supporting many thousands of users at once — IT, HR, and corporate communication leaders must find more innovative ways to support enterprise video requirements.

Is your enterprise video platform built specifically for enterprises?2023-05-10T16:15:05-04:00

Yes. Enterprise-sized organizations need video hosting tools that are purpose-built for the enterprise. Software created for consumers or smaller organizations is difficult, if not impossible, to adapt to an enterprise’s more complex infrastructure and security needs. Enterprise video platforms were built with the unique needs of large-scale organizations in mind.

Talk to an Expert

The Vbrick team is here to support you along your path to deploying our enterprise video platform. From our expert engineers to professional services group and customer success managers, we’ll create a video platform and network architecture to meet the needs of your enterprise – now and for the future.

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