Optimize Your Corporate Network for Live Video Streaming


Optimize Your Corporate Network for Live Video Streaming


Refine Live Broadcasting Using a Single Stream

Deliver superior-quality live broadcasts with Vbrick Multicast — the most efficient and modern multicast eCDN technology compatible with standard browsers. Utilizing your network’s multicast protocol, it sends a single video stream to your entire audience without consuming more bandwidth than needed for one viewer.

The Vbrick Multicast Advantage

Comprised of two key components, Distributed Media Engine (DME) and Vbrick Multicast (VBM) Agent, this solution transforms video distribution by replacing typical unicast transport. As the multicast sender, our proprietary DME functions as server software, retrieving live video streams and broadcasting them over the multicast-enabled network. Meanwhile, each device hosts a VBM Agent, enabling clients to access multicast broadcast streams. Upon reception, the content seamlessly becomes available in the browser.

Built on proprietary software for seamless video delivery

Overlays existing network infrastructure without the need for network upgrades or hardware

Superior video experience with efficient bandwidth usage

Predictable and deterministic video delivery network across various sources, protocols, and methods

Integrated encryption and forward error correction for enhanced security

Centralized eCDN management via a cloud console with a user-friendly interface for provisioning and simulating live events

Vbrick Universal eCDN

Vbrick Universal eCDN is the only solution on the market with three advanced eCDN technologies: peer-to-peer, edge caching, and multicast. Use any combination to deliver your message at scale securely and without interruption.

Unparalleled Excellence in Video Delivery

Top-Tier Security and Compliance

Experience top-tier security and compliance:

  • FedRAMP-certified
  • SOC 2 Type II accredited
  • GDPR-compliant

Our encryption secures your video both in transit and at rest.

Take control of your video ecosystem with deployment options behind your organization’s firewall.

Simple Cloud Management and Analytics

Enjoy a centralized platform for ongoing management, monitoring, and in-depth analytics.

Gain insights with comprehensive real-time and post-event analytics, down to individual end-user device.

Ensure uninterrupted service with high availability and heartbeat monitoring.

Advanced Integration Capabilities

Embrace deep integrations with Webex Webinars and Microsoft Teams, including town hall support.

Support various streaming sources, protocols, and delivery methods.

Tailor your experience with custom or bespoke integrations using our software development kit (SDK).

Talk to an Expert

Choose Vbrick for expert support in architecting and deploying your enterprise video distribution technology. Our seasoned team will create a tailored eCDN solution to meet your organization’s current and future needs.

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