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Easily Store, Search, and Share Your Video Assets With Everyone

Vbrick aggregates all of your video assets in a single, secure cloud repository, making it simple to search, surface, and share content. Using a custom-branded portal, you can create channels, categories, and playlists and subscribe to them to receive notifications about new content.

Why You Need Robust Video Content Management

As digital libraries grow rapidly, enterprises face new challenges in organizing and managing their video content. Massive HD video files can quickly push internal storage capacities to the max, while people waste valuable time hunting for clips and attempting to share unwieldy files. Meanwhile, critical information-sharing lags as content goes through costly translation and transcription cycles.

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Key Features

Eliminate operational headaches, while making video content more accessible, inclusive, and secure with video content management.

AI-powered search and tagging

Look for a specific speaker, topic, or clip. With a click, users can search across your video library and jump right to the moment in a video they need, plus personalized recommendations can elevate the user experience.

Branded portal

Give users the ability to record content directly from their browser and webcam and then share – no extra equipment or software required.

Channels and playlists

Set up channels, categories, and playlists to make it easy to curate video based on department or topics. Users can subscribe to them and receive notifications when there is new or updated content.

Robust access control and user permissions

Grant or restrict access to users for various functions and capabilities – from granular features on the account level to tenet management for admins. This lets you determine such things as who can upload videos, host live webcasts, create events, access analytics, and more.

Enterprise security and governance in the cloud

Encrypt and protect your video content and get peace of mind. Powerful roles and organization tools allow you to determine who can upload content, whether it requires approval, when it expires, and how it can be shared.

“I love the organization and home page player which allows me to highlight videos I want my viewers to see. Corporate recordings of any kind including audio-only podcasts can be uploaded, transcoded, and delivered to end users without much of the complexity I have seen in other solutions.”

IT Administrator in Agriculture, Consulting Industry, G2 Review

Enterprise Scale and Security, Flexible Pricing and Deployment

Video content management is part of the Vbrick Enterprise Video Platform, an end-to-end, cloud-native solution. By removing operational, performance, security, and integration barriers to adoption, Vbrick unlocks the true power of video for the enterprise.

Active User Pricing

Pay for what you use, making it easier to provide access to more users without unnecessarily driving up licensing fees.

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Unlimited Distribution

Gain the flexibility to deploy as many DMEs and Rev Connect peer meshes as you need to adapt to your growing and changing networks.

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Analytics & Management

Monitor your network and streaming performance in real-time.

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Best-in-Class Security

Encrypt and protect your video content and meet compliance requirements with the industry’s only FedRAMP-certified enterprise video platform (EVP).

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How to Buy

Vbrick’s flexible pricing makes it easy to provide access more people in your organization without unnecessarily driving up licensing fees. We’ll work with you to understand your goals and design a solution that meets the needs of your enterprise.

How to Buy
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