Unlocking Seamless Video Asset Management

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Managing your digital assets efficiently can mark the difference between success and disarray, especially when it comes to video content. Video asset management (VAM) encompasses a series of practices and tools designed to handle the storage, organization, and retrieval of every media file.

With the ever-increasing volume of creative assets being produced and consumed, having a robust VAM system in place ensures that your digital files remain well-organized and easily accessible. That, in turn, allows you to streamline workflows, facilitate collaboration, and maintain control over who can access and edit brand assets. 

As the demand for digital-first strategies grows, investing in the right media asset management provides you with a competitive advantage, but it’s important to assess its features to get the most out of it.

Vbrick’s Expertise in Digital Asset Management

Vbrick has established itself as a leading provider of Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) and enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) solutions. With a long history in video management, our team stays on top of the most recent technical developments to offer secure and scalable VAM software that businesses across various industries can trust.

 Key Features of Vbrick’s Video Solutions

  • Secure Storage: Your video files are stored in a single, secure cloud repository.
  • Advanced Security: Customizable permissions and end-to-end governance ensure that sensitive content remains protected.
  • Intelligent Video Library: Artificial intelligence (AI) allows for efficient search and management of video assets.
  • Scalable Solutions: Catering to businesses of all sizes, Vbrick offers scalability to grow with your enterprise.

We always focus on seamless integration with tools like ServiceNow to promote effortless workflows, whether you’re looking for a repository for your brand management across social media platforms or an internal digital asset management (DAM) system to train your creative team. That way, you can be certain that your shared asset bank enhances collaboration and that your DAM aligns with existing systems for a unified experience.

Vbrick’s EVP serves as the cornerstone of our offerings, providing a secure, AI-powered solution for streaming, storing, and integrating various forms of high-quality video content into daily business operations. Whether it’s online meeting recordings, user-generated content, training sessions, or live broadcasts, Vbrick’s EVP effortlessly handles it all. Moreover, it facilitates integration with enterprise applications such as business process platforms, website portals, and intranets, amplifying the ROI of every video.

In addition, Vbrick offers eCDN solutions. These tools cater to a spectrum of network and security requirements, offering modalities to suit even the most complex architectures. Through our collaboration with Microsoft, we empower the distribution of live events hosted on Microsoft Teams, further enhancing your communication capabilities. Leveraging the open design of Vbrick’s Universal eCDN, organizations can even power any video platform deployed within their infrastructure, providing flexibility and efficiency in managing video content distribution.From government to healthcare, Vbrick adapts to your industry’s unique needs, relying on years of know-how to address your video management challenges.

How AI Multiplies the Value of Every Digital Asset

Unlike other digital content, managing videos poses a particular challenge due to the sheer file size and the lack of tags or text that the files themselves contain. And yet, VAM can let you share the expertise that’s hidden deep within your organization’s individual departments. 

It’s crucial to ensure organized, easily accessible, and secure video libraries that allow for higher employee engagement and knowledge transfer. With the integration of AI, video management has become more sophisticated, providing tools for smart searching and valuable metadata management.

Managing Video Libraries

Your video library is a dynamic entity, not a static corpus. But without proper structure, it can quickly become unwieldy. By implementing policies for tagging and categorizing video content, you can ensure your video content stays organized. With Vbrick, you can leverage AI capabilities to automatically generate metadata, such as tags, transcripts, and summaries, ensuring your content is effortlessly searchable and more discoverable.

Efficient Workflow Integration

Efficiency in your workflows means integration that streamlines every aspect, from recording to internal rating systems. Take advantage of Vbrick’s AI advances, like the new video assistant and content intelligence, which simplify customer service workflows and enhance overall efficiency. Rather than skipping through pages of documentation or a tutorial to find the right answer, sales reps can simply ask the AI assistant, assess different sources, and gather everything to deliver the best customer experience.

Security and Access Control

Depending on your industry, you may need to follow specific guidelines to safeguard your organization’s data. Maybe that’s even what has kept you from using video so far. Protect your video assets with robust security measures and customize access controls. You can cater permissions specifically for different user roles, ensuring that only the right eyes have access to sensitive information. Administrators can adjust security protocols and permissions to enhance collaboration while also guaranteeing compliance.

A VAM solution should always fit your organizational structure and reflect your current needs. At Vbrick, we keep working on cutting-edge solutions like AI assistants while giving decision-makers user statistics that help them adjust their strategy long-term.

What Future Trends To Expect in AI for Your DAM Tool

As DAM continues to evolve, the integration of AI is poised to revolutionize how organizations manage and leverage their digital content. Based on recent developments and industry projections, we can expect DAM systems to undergo significant transformations.

For one, DAM systems like Vbrick’s are increasingly integrating with a wide array of content management systems, product information management platforms, and e-commerce solutions.

This integration is driven by the need to eliminate silos and facilitate seamless collaboration across different digital touchpoints. By deepening integration, DAM solutions enable organizations to orchestrate digital experiences more effectively, ensuring consistency and coherence across various channels. 

According to Forrester’s Wave DAM Q1 2024 Report, this integration trend will continue to shape the landscape of DAM, fostering new levels of collaboration and efficiency. 

The decision to invest in DAM software is often driven by several key incentives. According to Gartner, these include:

  • Proliferation of marketing touchpoints.
  • Anticipation of future market changes.
  • Exponential growth in content volume.
  • The need to meet evolving brand and regulatory expectations.

Gartner emphasizes the importance of selecting DAM solutions that not only meet current requirements but also anticipate future needs. They’ve found that organizations seek DAM platforms that support very specific functionalities, such as:

  • Support for divisional deployment.
  • Bulk intake and outtake of content assets.
  • Robust tagging capabilities for asset organization.
  • Cloud-enabled technology for scalability and accessibility.
  • Efficient organization and filtering of user assets based on tags.

Looking ahead, it’s safe to assume that AI will continue to reshape and expand the core functionality of DAMs, including Vbrick’s offering. AI-driven features such as automatic tagging, content recognition, sentiment analysis, and recommendation engines will further streamline asset management processes and unlock new efficiencies.

Leverage the Hidden Value in Your Digital Assets Now

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, harnessing the power of AI-driven DAM is essential for unlocking hidden value within your organization’s content repositories. At Vbrick, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of emerging trends in AI for DAM, ensuring that our platform continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of modern businesses.

Book a demo today to discover how Vbrick’s innovative solutions can empower your organization to maximize the potential of your digital assets and drive success in the digital age.

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