Vbrick Unveils Powerful AI Enhancements, Driving the Future of Video in the Enterprise

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HERNDON, Va. – January 10, 2024 – Vbrick, the leading end-to-end enterprise video solutions provider, unveiled several new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities within its video platform in general availability today. Adding to its existing suite, Vbrick’s new AI transforms content management at scale, automates tasks, improves accessibility, and simplifies processes across the enterprise.

In the fast-evolving landscape of digital communication, video has become an indispensable tool for businesses. However, with the exponential rise in video content, from expertly produced training videos and company townhalls to user-created how-to videos and meeting recordings, effectively navigating through vast libraries and ensuring easy access to the right content poses a significant challenge.

Vbrick’s AI-powered enterprise video platform (EVP) transforms how organizations manage, share, and derive value from their video assets, enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and productivity for both content contributors and viewers alike. Building on Vbrick’s existing AI-powered transcription, translation, and user tagging features, new AI capabilities include:

Video Assistant: Powered by generative AI, Video Assistant extracts key insights from video content using transcripts. Users can increase productivity while posing specific questions to the assistant and receiving real-time responses about the video content.

Summarization: Utilizing generative AI, Summarization allows video owners to automatically create video descriptions based on the video transcript. This not only saves time but also enhances search functionality, simplifies content discovery, and improves video metadata.

Content Intelligence: Leveraging AI and natural language processing, Content Intelligence reviews videos to gain actionable insights instantly. This feature allows moderation of video content for high-value or sensitive material, delivery of personalized video recommendations, and tracking and analysis of video content trends.

Smart Search: Revolutionizing search capabilities with intelligent algorithms that identify concepts, not just keywords, Smart Search leverages vectorized metadata and machine learning to ensure more precise search results, quickly surfacing the most relevant content, interpreting context and intent behind searches, and accommodating diverse search behaviors.

“The totality of an organization’s video content is a treasure trove of unused value,” said Paul Sparta, Vbrick Chairman and CEO. “Vbrick’s EVP first federates video content, then, our video AI distills the value from the video and makes it consumable and available to the appropriate business process, providing enterprises with the capability to address the rapidly accelerating growth of video in the modern day.”

Vbrick caters specifically to enterprise organizations, some of which have amassed video libraries exceeding 500 terabytes, stored securely in Vbrick’s intelligent cloud platform. With additional native video creation, eCDN distribution, live streaming, integrations, and analytic capabilities, Vbrick’s platform serves as the centralized, secure hub for all video activity within the enterprise.

“With video content aggregated in the Vbrick platform, organizations can truly begin to unlock the value of video by streamlining content discovery, automating tasks, and promoting global accessibility, all while providing an engaging experience for the entire enterprise,” said Sparta.

Vbrick will continue to expand and deepen its AI capabilities, with new features planned for release in the months ahead. To learn more about Vbrick’s generative AI enhancements, visit vbrick.com/ai.

About Vbrick

Vbrick is the leading Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) provider. Its end-to-end, cloud-native solution removes operational, performance, security, and integration barriers to adoption, unlocking the true power of video for the enterprise. The world’s most widely recognized brands rely on Vbrick’s proven unified streaming, video-on-demand, and content management capabilities to engage, empower, and transform their organizations at scale. To learn more visit vbrick.com.

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