Financial Services Giant Securely Stores 576 Terabytes of Video Data with Compliance Confidence

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From virtual client events, to highly sensitive R&D recordings, to large-scale trainings, video use and storage needs are skyrocketing at this global financial firm. With a massive video infrastructure built on Vbrick’s cloud-native platform, the company has embraced a unified, secure approach for managing video content to meet a host of evolving data protection and regulatory compliance requirements. As of August of 2023, this long-time Vbrick customer’s video library featured hundreds of thousands of on-demand video assets equaling an astounding 576 terabytes of data and counting, as they continue to expand their video library at a rate of six terabytes per week!

Challenge: Pervasive Video Use Amplifies Security and Compliance Risks

Video is pervasive in this global financial services firm, where it’s considered mission-critical for engaging and mobilizing teams, unlocking efficiencies, and driving organizational transformation. Yet skyrocketing video use and storage requirements across numerous business divisions further magnify security and regulatory challenges.

Business leaders recognize that without proper protections, video content can expose sensitive data such as mission-critical IP, customer information, and financial records — jeopardizing the firm’s reputation and growth. In the face of mounting data privacy and global regulatory requirements — from the American Data Privacy and Protection Act to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation to Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission — the security strength of their enterprise video platform matters more than ever.

Solution: A Unified, Secure Video Platform Delivers on Extensive Compliance Requirements

Over several years, the company has built out a highly customized internal video platform on Vbrick’s secure and infinitely scalable cloud-based infrastructure, Vbrick Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS).

The one-of-a-kind video platform is a spectacular feat of secure engineering — a testament to the firm’s in-house cyber defense experts and innovative development team that thinks out of the box, focuses on hyperautomation, and takes full advantage of Vbrick’s video APIs and SDKs along the way.

The firm’s video platform supports an ever-expanding list of video requirements from more than 80,000 global employees and a vast partner ecosystem. The firm currently leverages Vbrick to:

  • Securely store and manage more than 576 terabytes of video-based data in the cloud
  • Stream and record ~3,500 live events annually — from townhalls, to client meetings, to large-scale compliance trainings — from numerous sources, geographic locations, devices, and meeting solutions
  • Add nearly 75,000 new on-demand video assets per year — exponentially increasing the size of its centralized, secure video repository, year over year
  • Stream more than 621,409 hours of on-demand video content annually, helping to streamline onboarding and training, boost information sharing, bridge knowledge gaps, and empower teams to work smarter
  • Seamlessly integrate video into familiar workflows (e.g., ServiceNow), various communications platforms (e.g., Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams), and business-critical applications to bring video to where the work is

As a long-time partner, Vbrick plays a vital advisory role in helping the firm navigate the regulatory complexities that accompany such massive data sets. Guided by a dedicated Vbrick team of trusted experts, the firm continues to expand its secure-by-design video architecture on the Vbrick platform.

Result: A Resilient Video Infrastructure That’s Built to Last

As the industry’s only FedRAMP-certified enterprise video platform, Vbrick provides the firm’s security and compliance teams with the highest levels of data confidentiality, integrity, and availability assurance. Vbrick’s robust security capabilities advance the firm’s commitment to creating leading-edge, secure platforms for its businesses and protecting critical assets with defense-in-depth layers to:

  • Enable strong authentication for sensitive video content in support of a broader zero trust cybersecurity strategy
  • Implement LDAP and fine-grained access controls at the user level to address multiple cybersecurity standards and frameworks
  • Protect all video-based data “at rest” and “in transit” with strong encryption protocols
  • Automate time-intensive data retention tasks (i.e., setting expiration rules to purge inactive content based on policy)
  • Enforce policy-based approval workflows to block unauthorized actions (i.e., publication or download of sensitive content)
  • Maintain a continuous, real-time view of video access permissions with advanced analytics

In addition to end-to-end security governance, and analytics features, the Vbrick platform integrates seamlessly with the firm’s compliance and risk management tools, automating reporting on sensitive video content, access permissions, and user activities to help meet audits.

With a robust framework and well-established video engagement strategy in place, this pioneering firm’s digital transformation journey continues. The team is currently working with Vbrick to address frontier video use cases, such as providing R&D leaders with highly sophisticated, yet user-friendly, ways to capture sensitive research and intellectual property on the fly as they travel around the world, safeguarding against industrial espionage and other advanced threats.

Cyber attackers continue to target the financial sector, and as history shows, times of global uncertainty often fuel opportunistic criminal activity. This firm demonstrates how technological innovation can — and must — be underpinned by highly secure, resilient infrastructure, that includes Vbrick, to safeguard digital assets, meet evolving compliance requirements, and preserve stakeholder interests and experiences.

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