The Next Wave of Enterprise Video Is Here

The Vbrick enterprise video platform (EVP) puts video anywhere work happens in your enterprise. Our secure, infinitely scalable AI-driven platform revolutionizes customer and employee experiences unlike any other video platform on the market today.

From live streaming video to reach tens of thousands, or recording and storing hundreds of terabytes of video content with compliance confidence, Vbrick’s video technology helps organizations drive innovation, all with the peace of mind that your data and networks are secure.

Vbrick has taken the complexity of delivering video across the enterprise out of your hands, so your teams can focus on what truly matters.

The future of video is AI-powered. The future of enterprise video is Vbrick EVP.

Intelligent Video Built for Today’s Enterprise

Draws links between words and phrases like humans do, rather than just looking for exact matches of keywords

Generate summaries of video content using generative AI based on the transcript, saving time and enhancing search functionality

Viewers can extract insights and specific information directly from video files via our AI-powered virtual assistant

Use speech-to-text to auto-generate transcripts, then translate them during live webcasts or for on-demand videos

Use AI and natural language processing to review videos and instantly gain actionable insights

Automate user tagging in videos, pinpoint appearances and enable interactive searching for people and speaker segments

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“Integrating generative AI capabilities into the Vbrick platform allows our employees and clients to consume media more quickly, more efficiently than ever before.”

-Enterprise Architect, Workplace Technologies
Global Digital Payment Technology Company

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