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  • Image of Olivier Meyer, VP Product, "What's New with Vbrick Rev, October 2021"
    Published On: 11/04/21

    We deployed the October Vbrick Rev Platform release for our US Customers last week and made available for download

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  • Green sign pointing right that says "External," and red sign pointing left that says, "Internal."
    Published On: 10/14/21

    Many of our customers start their video journey with internal corporate communications, often leveraging an Enterprise Video Platform like

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  • Illustration of computer screen with video conference
    Published On: 09/16/21

    As companies begin to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of them are convinced of the benefits of running

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  • What's new with Vbrick rev? by VP of Product, Olivier Meyer
    Published On: 08/24/21

    August Vbrick Rev Release Powers Embedded Webcasts and Advanced VoD Sharing We just deployed our August Rev Cloud release this

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  • illustration with compliance checklist and puzzle pieces
    Published On: 08/18/21

    Video traffic is slated to make up 82% of Web traffic by 2022. A lot of that is driven by

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  • Graphic of multiple people on different devices
    Published On: 08/09/21

    Millions of remote workers are beginning to head back to their offices, many of them for the first time in

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