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Video is arguably the most effective way to communicate, educate, and entertain. Eighty-three percent easier to recall and 2.6 times more engaging than written content, video is a powerful tool with a wide range of enterprise use cases — from executive events and marketing webinars to product demos and corporate trainings.

In our personal lives, broadcasting or recording video from a smartphone is an easy option. While this might not always deliver the professional image desired for a work-related video, capturing high-quality video content doesn’t have to be difficult. Vbrick’s enterprise video platform (EVP) enables anyone with a webcam to create videos and share their screens, either live or on demand. And for those that want a more polished, almost TV news-like broadcast, there’s an option for that — no extra fees, hardware, or software required.

Let’s take a look at each option available with Vbrick’s EVP and when it makes sense to use them.

Asynchronous video

If you want to record a video that shows your webcam feed and/or your screen, this is an easy capability to use. With just a click of a button, you can show a presentation, document, or application side-by-side with your video. Asynchronous video can be used to convey virtually any message you want to share with an audience that can later be viewed at any time, such as:

  • Weekly messages to your team or customers
  • How-to or training sessions
  • Product information
  • Sales messages to prospects
  • Troubleshooting tips for IT support issues

Live streaming

There are plenty of times when a message needs to be shared with a few or several thousand people. This could be a company-wide announcement or divisional update. It might also be a training session or marketing webinar. Whatever the content, the format is the same: there is one speaker (or multiple speakers all in the same location) and maybe slides or another application shown on screen. Vbrick’s solution includes live streaming at scale, which means you can have an audience of 100,000 people without worrying about capacity issues (unlike online meeting solutions that have audience limitations). And, because our EVP has a built-in enterprise content delivery network (eCDN), you don’t have to deal with traffic bottlenecks, which can cause buffering or latency issues. Even if you are live streaming, the event can still be recorded for later playback.

When to use live streaming:

  • Executive townhalls
  • Company-wide announcements
  • Department or divisional updates
  • Training sessions
  • Product launches
  • Investor relations calls

Studio-quality event production

We recently launched Producer, which allows you to create high-production value webcasts and recordings without the need for third-party hardware or software. From within our EVP, you can create compelling live events with up to nine presenters (it doesn’t matter where they are located), multiple layouts, backgrounds, and banners — no additional licenses or fees. The best part is that because of the intuitive interface, you don’t have to be an AV expert to create captivating video productions with Producer.

Producer is ideal for:

  • Panel discussions with many video feeds
  • Executive townhalls with multiple speakers
  • Training sessions when you want to switch between multiple speakers or focus solely on the content
  • Formal CEO presentations
  • Department or divisional updates with each leader presenting their content
  • Marketing or product launches with subject matter experts

Video content workflow​

Once your videos have been live-streamed and/or recorded, you need a place to put them. Storing them on your laptop or someplace where people can’t find them defeats the purpose and you lose any value in the content you took the time to create. For videos with sensitive or proprietary information, hosting them on a website that is publicly accessible isn’t an option. That’s where the other benefits of our EVP come in:

  • Easily access and share video content in seconds with AI-powered search and tagging
  • Extend your reach by making video accessible to viewers around the globe through a branded video portal
  • Create channels, categories, and playlists and subscribe to them to receive notifications about new content
  • Improve governance, compliance, and security
  • Set roles, viewing permissions, and video expiration dates
  • Add supporting files to provide additional information

Finally, we have the Vbrick mobile app as another way to access video content. The same features, branding, and permissions are available in the app; the only difference is you can watch videos while on the go.

Flexibility and peace of mind

Vbrick’s EVP is versatile enough to handle live streaming with tens of thousands of people or creating a recording with just one presenter. Whatever your needs are, our solution will help your enterprise improve communication and knowledge sharing. And it’s all done using a secure platform that you can trust to protect your data.

Vbrick is the EVP provider of choice for today’s enterprise

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed people’s video consumption habits, and many of them brought those new behaviors — and expectations — to work with them. As companies continue transitioning to remote and hybrid work models, replicating those high-quality, personalized video streaming experiences will be essential to success in this new environment

Vbrick offers today’s future-forward enterprises a selection of enterprise video streaming solutions that connect their distributed workforces and scale with their constantly evolving enterprise streaming needs. Protected behind the industry’s leading security infrastructure, enterprise leaders can rest easy knowing their sensitive enterprise video content data is safe.

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