With Vbrick’s New Market-Leading Capability, Any User Can Be a Video “Producer”

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During any broadcast, whether it’s a high-stakes CEO town hall or a quarterly department update, it’s not just what you say that matters, but also how you say it. When your audiences tune in for an important event, they expect a professional, high-quality video experience – a visual reflection of your company and brand. But getting that professional “TV news-like” look, while steering clear of delays or buffering, often means shelling out thousands of dollars for costly studio equipment and software.

That just doesn’t sit right with us, which is why we’ve introduced Producer , a completely new way to create amazing videos – without extra tools, licenses, or software.

Create Captivating Broadcasts with Vbrick Producer

Vbrick has always been focused on creating exceptional video experiences. Within our enterprise video platform (EVP), we have flexible options for content creation based on what you want to share and how you want to deliver it – all from your browser. Use your webcam and screenshare to record asynchronous video for updates, trainings, or demos. Or, the simple interface lets you instantly host a live streaming event showing your video and screen. And now, we offer Producer, which lets anyone in your organization create compelling, captivating broadcasts.

Asynchronous Video

Use your webcam and screenshare to record video updates, trainings, and demos.

Go Live!

A simple user interface  allows anyone to host a live streaming event.

Introducing Producer

Create compelling live events with up to 9 presenters, multiple layouts,  backgrounds, and banners.

Nine reasons to give your next video event a Producer polish:

  1. Create a professional experience for any type of broadcast with simple-to-use, drag-and-drop functionality – no third-party hardware or software required
  2. Make studio quality the norm for your webcasts – not just for major events
  3. Take advantage of combined production features and full EVP benefits – distribution, large-scale streaming, video content management, and enrichment
  4. Broadcast with up to nine remote presenters who can stay in sync by collaborating in a private backstage room
  5. Share presenter screens to show slides and videos
  6. Choose from a full library of layouts, backgrounds, and display banners
  7. Build and stage the layout before pushing it live to make sure everything looks perfect
  8. Pick a preset background image to enhance the experience
  9. And best of all… it’s completely free to all Vbrick EVP users and comes standard with the platform

Attendee view

Live event using Vbrick Producer

Full producer and presenter view

Professional Production Tools With No Limits

Host town halls with multiple remote presenters sharing company updates. Bring industry thought leaders together for panel discussions using a variety of flexible layouts. Or give your organization’s professional development program a boost by sharing learning materials enhanced with audio-only presenters to put content first. The sky’s the limit! (And did we mention Producer is native to the Vbrick Enterprise Video Platform?)

Town Halls: Broadcast video and content with multiple speakers sharing updates

Panel Discussions: Host experts in the field with flexible layouts depending upon your needs

Learning & Development: Put content first by sharing learning materials and audio-only presenters

With Producer, our team continues to demonstrate marketing-leading innovation and an ongoing commitment to delivering the best video streaming, on demand, and distribution solutions to meet our customers’ evolving enterprise video needs. We’re proud to say that end-to-end, really means end-to-end – Vbrick has got every aspect of your enterprise video needs covered.

Ready to take your video events to the next level with Rev’s new Producer capability? Request a demo to see how it works.

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