Why Video Conference Recording Promises a Positive Shift and How Your Company Can Benefit From It

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Video conference recording is now the must-have feature for enterprise audio and video.

Grandview Research estimates the $3.85 billion video conferencing market will grow 9.9% every year until 2027. Already, we’re seeing COVID-19 accelerating the pace of video changes across large organizations.

The pandemic forced many organizations to adopt video conferencing. More and more companies are hosting video meetings, video conferences, and live streaming conference calls.

Video conference recording is one advantage of video meetings. Note that video conference solutions allow you to collaborate with a few co-workers over live video.  Enterprise video platforms are designed for large audiences where a speaker can reach many participants using quality video.

Call recordings mean you don’t have to try taking notes while on a video call. And the ability to record a meeting ensures improved record keeping.

Below, we talk about what the best recording options for large organizations include. Keep reading if you’re searching for an enterprise video conference recording solution.

Essential Elements of Video Conference Recording

Group of people in a meeting, looking at a TV screen with people video conferencing inIn 2019, Global Workplace Analytics found that remote workforces increased by 140% since 2005. And that was before COVID-19.

Today, video calls are the norm, as is video conference recording. But not all recording options give enterprises the essential elements they need.

Here are the critical components your organization wants when it comes to the ability to record video meetings and conference calls.

Then, you’ll want an Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) that integrates with your company’s tools. For example, if you use Cisco WebEx, you’ll want to find an EVP option that connects with WebEx.

Enterprise video conference recording options should have an API (application programming interface). An API makes it possible and easier for your technical team to sync your recording tool with your video meetings platform.

You also want a secure system. A few crucial security pieces to look for in your recording options include:

  • Cloud-based servers – Using the cloud means your video calls aren’t susceptible to issues at a specific location.
  • Encryption and authentication – The best enterprise recording options encrypt video streams. They also integrate with your organization’s user authentication systems, such as single sign-on.
  • FedRAMP certified – Video recording options you’re considering should be FedRAMP-certified. FedRAMP sets the security standard for cloud-based applications.

Flexibility is also an essential consideration for your video call recordings. The best solutions allow you to start recording from any device, including laptops and cell phones. And they’re not limited to audio, enabling you to record a video, too.

Pick the Right Recording Options for Your Organization 

Analysts expect the global video conferencing market to grow by at least 9.9% between 2020 and 2027. Undoubtedly, COVID-19’s accelerating that change.

Enterprises around the globe are turning more and more to video conferencing to stay connected and productive.

The ability to record video calls is a massive bonus to this new way of working. Note-taking, transparency, and record-keeping are now more accessible thanks to audio and video recording.

But you’ll want to find a solution offering a few essential features to get the most significant benefit from video conference recording. When reviewing video call recording options, look for a platform that:

  • Integrates with the tools your company uses, such as Cisco WebEx and Zoom.
  • Has an API your IT team can tap.
  • Uses cloud-based servers.
  • Provides encrypted video calls.
  • Supports your organization’s user authentication system.
  • Is FedRAMP-certified.
  • Allows for video call recordings from any device.

We’re now in a new way of working. Thanks to video conference recording that means more efficiency and transparency for the enterprise.

Follow the guidelines above when reviewing your recording options. Doing so can ensure your company gets the most out of a world run by live streaming conferences and virtual video meetings.

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