Video Blog: Measure the Effectiveness of Your Video Strategy With Analytics

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Hello. My name is Dave Jeyes, and I’m the director of product management for Rev’s Manageability, Analytics, and AI Products. Analytics is an area of our platform that I’m very passionate about. It allows you to measure the effectiveness of your video strategy across your enterprise, right?

So I look at this from three different standpoints. One is the individual video. Is that video content being watched by who? How far into the video are people starting to drop off and are you losing their attention? And then, from a compliance perspective, have they completed watching that individual video asset?

Now, from an entire library perspective, you can see which content is being viewed most. You can see how far into content people are viewing and really get in idea of which content is working best and whether or not you need to make changes to your video content creation or distribution strategies in order to get a message out to your employee population, your customers, or prospects in the market.

Now, lastly, REV supports high profile, live streaming events. In those cases, it’s really important to know that every single viewer across your platform is getting content, right? So we offer real-time analytics to let you see which areas of your network may be receiving content well versus if there any areas that you might want to troubleshoot to adjust your network settings to make sure that that video content is being delivered effectively across your enterprise network. So all of these things combined give you a really great lens into whether your video content is being delivered, whether people are watching it, and whether it’s effective. Right? So next up, we’ll have Matt Moskitis talking about video content creation in Rev.

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