These Are the Four Indispensable Ingredients You Want In Your Enterprise Video Streaming Solution

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Enterprise video streaming went in 2020 from a nice-to-have to a critical piece of business operations.

Video is taking over every aspect of how organizations run, from corporate communications to recruiting. Companies are hosting virtual town halls and streaming other events in real-time. They’re relying on corporate video and training videos to keep employees engaged and informed.

It was a trend that started a few years ago, but that’s accelerated because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus was incredibly hard on organizations that delayed establishing an enterprise video platform.

Now enterprises are rushing to adopt or upgrade their enterprise video streaming capabilities. They recognize the need to update everything from their video portals to their live and on-demand video content.

Video is taking over corporate communications. Companies are hosting virtual town halls and streaming other real-time events while relying on corporate video and training videos to keep employees engaged and informed.

But not all streaming services are the same. Some streaming platforms can’t support all of an enterprise’s video delivery needs.

Below, we highlight what’s most important in an enterprise video streaming solution.

Four Indispensable Ingredients in an Enterprise Video Streaming Solution

It seems like there are a lot of streaming services available to large organizations, but that’s not true.

Most video delivery systems can’t handle all of an enterprise’s needs. And even some that claim to be for large organizations lack all the features necessary for an enterprise video platform.

You can’t afford to pick the wrong streaming platform when you’re adding or upgrading your company’s video solution.

Fortunately, we’ve identified four indispensable ingredients that every enterprise video streaming solution should include. These elements are:

  • High-definition video.
  • Integration.
  • Tiered security.
  • Analytics and insights.

Let’s dive into what each of these ingredients entails and what to look for when you’re reviewing enterprise video streaming solutions.

What to Look for In Your Enterprise Video Streaming Solution

Man with headphones on a laptopThese days, we’re all accustomed to watching online videos in high-definition. Everything from YouTube to Netflix to social media websites supports high-definition live and on-demand video.

That’s why you’ll want an enterprise video platform that allows you to deliver video in high-definition. It’s what your employees and your customers expect.

You also want to find a video content management system that integrates with how your company runs.

For example, if you use Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you want to look for streaming services that integrate with those chat tools. If your organization uses workflow apps such as Slack, be sure any enterprise video streaming solution you’re considering connects with that application.

Identity management is another crucial part of integrating your existing tools with your video delivery system. If your company uses single sign-on, look for solutions that can connect with your authentication scheme.

And speaking of security, ask the streaming services you’re reviewing how they’ll protect your live and on-demand video content. A tiered security approach that uses multiple checkpoints, such as cloud-based servers, encryption, and identity management, is best.

You’ll also want an enterprise video streaming solution that provides detailed video analytics and insights. The best streaming services do more than give you the necessary data, such as video views.

An enterprise video platform should give you detailed and real-time information about on-demand and live streaming video. This insight allows you to measure the impact of your video content. And it enables your IT team to monitor your live stream performance so they can make adjustments as needed to prevent lag and buffering of your video.

One more thing to consider when reviewing enterprise video streaming platforms is to partner with your IT team. Streaming services support and connect across your organization, so having someone assist in this process can help you make the best possible choice.

Picking the Right Enterprise Video Platform for Your Organization 

Enterprises were increasing their video delivery abilities even before the COVID-19 pandemic.Woman with headphones on speaking in a microphone

A fourth-quarter 2019 survey by Wainhouse Research found that 65% of IT professionals said their companies were pushing to expand their enterprise video content management systems.

But now, thanks to the pandemic, enterprise video streaming is critical to ensuring companies keep generating revenue and continue operating efficiently. And that’s caused many organizations to add or reevaluate how their video delivery platform.

There are four essential elements to an enterprise video streaming solution. An enterprise video platform should:

  • Support high-definition video content.
  • Integrate with a company’s existing infrastructure.
  • Provide tiered security.
  • Deliver detailed analytics and insights.
Not all enterprise video streaming solutions are the same. If you look for the four elements above, though, you’ll find the best video delivery system for your organization.

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