Transforming Enterprises With Video Content Management

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Did you know that consumers watch an average of 17 hours of online video per week? It may already sound like a lot, but it’s even more impressive when you consider that it was about half that much only five years ago.

From a business perspective, 91% of businesses used videos as part of their marketing strategy in 2023. 70% of those who haven’t used it yet plan to start with online video marketing.

Once enterprises start creating and sharing video content, video content management becomes an essential part of their business operations.

If you are not as familiar with video content management, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading for a full breakdown of what video content management constitutes for enterprise businesses. In addition, we will take a deep dive into the benefits of having an enterprise video content management solution, as well as how to pick the right one.

What is a Video Content Management System (Video CMS)?

In simple terms, a video CMS platform is a type of software that aims to streamline the process of organizing all of your video content. This way, everything from video hosting to a specialized content management system is centralized.

It sounds quite simple on the surface. Yet, managing video content has unique attributes that are different from managing other types of data, like images and text.

Video CMS software is specifically designed to optimize video hosting, ensuring a seamless user experience for content owners. Apart from features dedicated to video conferencing or social media, some video CMS software is equipped with tools to enhance video streaming capabilities, enabling businesses to deliver high-quality, buffer-free live video to employees and customers. Moreover, a video CMS plays a pivotal role in maintaining consistent video branding, aligning every piece of content with your brand’s identity for enhanced recognition.

The Benefits of an Enterprise Video Content Management System

Once you have assets that go beyond the bare minimum required for today’s best practices, video management becomes quite complex. Let’s look at what a solid video content management system can provide to your business.

Better Management Systems and Support for Video Hosting

If your business is barely dipping its toes in creating video content, you will be astonished to learn how big some video files can get. For instance, a two-minute HD video recorded on an iPhone can be as large as 200 MB. Beyond storage capacity issues, you will start running into the challenges of distributing video content across your enterprise.

This is why many hosting services on the market require paid subscriptions for more than 500 MB worth of videos in a week. Once you have a solid video creation machine going, video sizes will likely increase. The right video CMS will make video management a much simpler process. It will provide an instinctive user interface and a ready-to-use API that your developers can integrate other key enterprise systems into.

Better Video Player Experience

Hosting is only a single part of video management. Another essential part of enterprise video management is optimizing video delivery to your audience.

Using an enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) will ensure that your enterprise video experience is seamless, whether you’re delivering a live stream to an employee on a mobile device or a tutorial to a customer. While many enterprise video platforms (EVPs) boast available integrations with third-party solutions, the Vbrick EVP offers video distribution solutions natively integrated.

As an example, you can still leverage your existing tools, such as Microsoft Teams, as a source while delivering your live event as a Vbrick webcast. This gives you access to Vbrick’s infrastructure and adaptive bitrate streaming while keeping the user experience within the Microsoft stream intact.

If you want to leverage the full value of the video assets you create, you are going to need a Video CMS that will ensure that your videos can reach your audience quickly, efficiently, and with high quality.

Video File Metadata and Search for Digital Asset Management

Metadata and categorization continue to be an integral part of ensuring your management systems are well-organized and user-friendly. There are common approaches to categorizing a video file by content type, key topic, department, and publish date. Regardless of the knowledge management approach you choose, be sure to keep your categories future-proof and intuitive for your end users. 

An enterprise-class video CMS will not only allow you to search across the metadata of your video library but also within the content of the actual videos.

One element that separates Vbrick from other platforms has been the integration of enhanced and generative artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for enriching your video library. Vbrick’s powerful AI can automatically tag users, transcribe and translate subtitles, and generate descriptions for your videos. Our interactive AI video assistant provides instant answers to video-related

questions and intelligent search identifies concepts, and keywords to help users surface the most relevant content — redefining what video content management can do for the enterprise. 

Give Viewers Role-Based Permissions With Feature-Rich Access Control

In the enterprise environment, video content is a key knowledge asset that needs to be managed and governed like any other intellectual property. 

Compliance teams need capabilities around video approval workflows and legal holds to ensure that videos have been properly vetted before sharing. User roles and governance features will prevent sensitive information from being shared with the wrong parties and will be required by enterprise risk management leaders.

Choosing the Right Enterprise Video Content Management System

Enterprise-level considerations for a video CMS go beyond the technical aspects and delve into the diverse requirements of video production, marketing strategies leveraging AI, and comprehensive asset management.

Here are three crucial considerations for aligning your system with these multifaceted needs:

  1. Enhanced security for video content: In today’s digital age, securing video content has become paramount for enterprises. An effective video CMS must provide robust security features to protect your assets against unauthorized access and data breaches. This includes encryption of video files both at rest and in transit, secure access controls, and comprehensive audit trails. Security measures like these ensure that sensitive video content remains confidential and is accessible only to authorized personnel, thus safeguarding your intellectual property and maintaining compliance with data protection regulations.
  1. Scalability and infinite cloud storage: As video content production and consumption grow, so does the need for scalable storage solutions. Your chosen video CMS should offer the flexibility to scale storage solutions, without compromising on performance or security. Infinite cloud storage options provide a viable solution for managing large volumes of video content, ensuring that your organization can handle growing demands without the constraints of physical hardware limitations. This scalability is essential for supporting a wide range of video production workflows, from high-definition video projects to extensive video archives, facilitating efficient management and accessibility of video assets across your organization.
  1. Comprehensive asset management capabilities: Managing an array of video assets demands a robust system that goes beyond basic storage. A competent video CMS should offer sophisticated asset management functionality, enabling easy categorization, metadata tagging, and intelligent retrieval of video files. This ensures efficient utilization of resources and maximizes the lifespan of video content.

Considering these needs ensures that your enterprise video CMS isn’t just a technical solution but a strategic enabler for your organization’s multifaceted endeavors, from live streaming to video analytics.

Stay Up to Date

For the latest insights, trends, and solutions in enterprise video content management, rely on Vbrick as your trusted partner. Our expertise in optimizing video experiences for businesses of all scales ensures you stay at the forefront of video management strategies.

To explore how Vbrick can revolutionize your video content management, schedule a demo with us today.

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