3 Ways Sensitive Video Leaks Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

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Many enterprise videos are created for broad consumption. You want that on-demand webinar to stay sticky and that funny how-to video to go viral. But sometimes, the video content you create contains highly sensitive or proprietary information, such as intellectual property and financial data. In these instances, you must have a plan in place to keep sensitive video content safe — and the security strength of your enterprise video platform matters more than ever.

Let’s explore some examples:

Protect Pre-recorded Earnings Broadcasts

In the hybrid work era, more public companies are opting to pre-record their earnings events — giving presenters the flexibility to capture their remarks from various locations and avoid potential live broadcast snafus. These recordings typically take place 24 to 48 hours in advance and contain a host of sensitive financial information that’s meant to stay under wraps until the specified earnings event with investors. Leaked earnings information can be damaging to a company, as evidenced in several high-profile leaks over the years where shares cratered and companies missed on revenue or monthly user expectations.

Avoid Product Launch Spoilers

Significant time and resources go into preparing for a major product launch broadcast. But just one pre-announcement leak can topple these efforts, sending top-secret product videos, images, specifications and more into the world prematurely. Not only can this negate the hard work put into launch prep, it can also impact sales, drive bad press and give competitors an advantage.

Safeguard Corporate Acquisition News

Forty-two percent of large corporate deals are leaked ahead of schedule. Leaked information, such as clips from a virtual all-hands meeting containing sensitive deal information, can hurt corporate marketing strategies in significant ways. According to Markets Insider, “first-day attention following merger news — whether in the form of a leak or an official reveal — drives a 292% jump for bidders and a 552% surge for targets over their 12-month average monthly news volume, according to the report. Yet when a deal is leaked beforehand, bidders only see a 103% jump in volume on announcement day, and targets’ volume only rises 29%.”

Make a Plan to Keep Sensitive Video Content Safe

Numerous stakeholders, teams and even third-party partners are involved in planning these virtual events, and increasingly, they’re working in different locations and on different devices. The more people involved, the greater the risk of a leak. It’s important to solidify a plan for securing sensitive video content from the start of these projects. Here are some best practices to keep in mind as you map out a strategy:

  • Involve executive leadership in communicating everyone’s role in protecting confidential information, such as sensitive video assets, and what’s at stake.
  • Create a list of all the people who require access to sensitive video content, and at what step(s) in the process.
  • Get granular when implementing access controls to ensure sensitive video content is only available to specific personnel at specific points in time.
  • Ensure physical recording locations are secure and that all background images (i.e. whiteboards) and decks (i.e. slides) do not contain sensitive information that should not be disclosed during the presentation.
  • Use a secure video platform that is proven to meet high standards for confidentiality, integrity and availability. This starts by encrypting and protecting all video content — in both “at rest” and “in transit” phases — to minimize data leaks. Look for platforms that offer end-to-end governance that integrates and aligns with your organization’s access permissions, retention policies, and network requirements. The most comprehensive tools can also ensure users have the proper permissions before creating, posting, and sharing sensitive video content.

Your enterprise video platform should enhance your organization’s overall security posture, help keep sensitive video content sout of the wrong hands, and enable you to stay focused on creating powerful video experiences to propel your enterprise forward.

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