The Enterprise Video Platform Buyer’s Checklist

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As consumers, we’ve collectively become accustomed to amazing video experiences. Just think of all the reasons you love video at home. Netflix and other streaming services have made it possible to personalize your experience, switch devices seamlessly, organize your favorite content, download and play videos offline, use one simple subscription for your whole household, and watch ad-free.

Now think about your video experiences for work. Chances are, they’re quite a bit different… and maybe downright painful. Getting everyone on-screen without connectivity issues is challenging, sharing huge video files takes forever, even searching for existing clips eats up valuable time. In short, all the amazing video advancements we enjoy — and even take for granted — in our personal lives are also precisely why video tools are so hard to scale for enterprise use.

Read and Download a Copy of the Ultimate Enterprise Video Platform Buyer’s Guide

Not All EVPs Are Created Equal

Enterprise video platforms (EVPs) entered the scene in recent years to help organizations uplevel their video use by unifying video capabilities, providing a single end-to-end way to manage video content, and delivering video experiences across large, global networks — no matter where viewers are located in the world or what devices they use.

Yet not all EVPs are created equal. Platform functionality and overall quality varies significantly from provider to provider today. Most of the video content players in the market are struggling to overcome pervasive operational, performance, security, and integration challenges and successfully adapt their services for the enterprise.

How to Make the Best Video Platform Choice for Your Enterprise?

You’re convinced that an enterprise video platform is the key to unlocking the full power of video. But how do you go about selecting the right platform from the right provider? You need a guide to know what to expect, and what to look for as you evaluate your options.

This guide highlights key requirements to help you select the right EVP partner for your unique — and ever-expanding — enterprise video needs. Use the questions throughout the guide when evaluating providers so you can build a winning, comprehensive enterprise video communications strategy for today — and tomorrow.

An Enterprise Video Platform Buyer’s Checklist

To help you make informed decisions, use the following questions when evaluating providers, or refer to this detailed EVP buyer’s guide.

  • End-to-End Functionality
    • Does the EVP centralize enterprise video tools in a single cloud-native solution?
    • Have a proven track record with global enterprise customers?
    • Consistently demonstrate market leadership?
    • Offer a flexible, consumption-based pricing model?
  • Video Streaming
    • Does the EVP utilize an industry-leading enterprise content delivery network (eCDN)?
    • Reliably broadcast to tens of thousands of people?
    • Eliminate bandwidth and latency challenges that often arise when streaming on a private network?
  • Content Management
    • Does the EVP enable native video capture and simple online editing?
    • Offer AI-powered search and tagging functionality?
    • Enrich content with robust translation and transcription services?
  • Data Protection
    • Does the EVP provide independent assurance to validate security protections?
    • Encrypt all vide content – in both “at rest” and “in transit” phases?
    • Meet your industry and customer compliance requirements?
    • Run on best-in-class core technologies designed for high performance and availability?
  • Analytics
    • Does the EVP deliver granular insights at the user level?
    • Provide comprehensive reporting capabilities?
    • Simplify data aggregation and analysis?
    • Monitor video performance in real time?
  • Integrations
    • Does the EVP offer flexible integration options that help simplify and secure video delivery?
    • Support integration through an extensible cloud platform?
    • Help extend the value of existing hardware, software, and UCaaS tech investments?

With the right EVP in place, backed by a proven, experienced industry player, the transformative possibilities for video are endless. The only question is, where will you start?

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