Using Video API and Video SDK

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Embed video into your applications and workflows using Vbrick’s video API and video SDK

Video is critical to organizations managing distributed workforces in hybrid and remote work environments, and developers are hard-pressed to access the tools, platforms and solutions needed to integrate video functionality into their organization’s products, internal and external applications.

By implementing Vbrick’s video platform-as-a-service (VPaaS) solution, developers can use both our video application programming interface (API) and video software development kit (SDK) to leverage complete video functionality and derive maximum value for their businesses, including scalability, efficiency and faster time to market.

Learn more about how developers can use our video API and SDK based on the preferences and requirements of their teams and organizations.

Where Video API and Video SDK fit into VPaaS

Vbrick’s cloud-native VPaaS solution provides developers with a series of software tools that enable them to embed and integrate video functionality (including live webcasts, webinars, video on-demand streaming, video distribution and more) into their existing platforms, products and applications. All of Vbrick’s VPaaS functionality is currently available via both video API and video SDK.

Video API facilitates seamless, flexible integration of our VPaaS video functionality with developers’ systems and applications. Our video SDK complements our APIs by providing developers with the tools and programming languages they need to facilitate the integration of video functionality into their systems, delivering faster time to value and better business outcomes.

Why Developers use Video API and Video SDK

Video API

From the developer’s standpoint, a video REST API fits neatly into an already-existing development framework. If an organization has a large, complex development team with numerous established standards in place, for example, building applications using video API can be highly advantageous.

Additionally, if developers want to initiate a deeper level of integration, video API allows them to access and leverage a broader range of video functionality, including creating new users and adding new devices to their video networks.

Video SDK

Our video SDK supports the use of our APIs by providing developers with a more comprehensive set of pre-defined tools that are written in specific programming languages, which they can use to implement more specific functions of our VPaaS product.

For example, if developers intend to embed a series of videos into their existing webpages or applications in a secure and tokenized way, the SDK will provide a basic level of functionality to enable these tasks. Ultimately, the SDK facilitates the adoption of our video platform at a much faster pace, which helps accelerate the development and implementation of new products.

Video API and Video SDK Use Cases

One of the principal challenges when managing a distributed workforce in a hybrid or remote work environment is that enterprises often have thousands of viewers accessing their networks to live stream events, possibly creating a number of bandwidth and connectivity problems.

Vbrick’s VPaaS solution is equipped with a high-quality enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) to provide optimal bandwidth support for enterprises hosting live video events with participants spread across the world.

Common live event use cases include:

  • External and partner webinars.
  • Virtual event live streaming.
  • Earnings calls.
  • Internal webcasts/webinars.

Managing a distributed workforce can also make it challenging for enterprises to distribute information to employees located in different states, countries and timezones. Inevitably, enterprises find it impossible to align everyone’s schedules, leading some individuals to miss critical events, training sessions or announcements.

Developers can also use our video SDK and API to embed and distribute every available video recording to make it easier for your workforce to access critical knowledge and information when it is most convenient for them, based on their specific circumstances. On-demand video integrations also enhance the value of each of your pages, products, and internal and external applications by adding more engaging video content.

Common video on-demand use cases include:

  • Training/LMS application.
  • Embedding videos on website.
  • Other applications that need to integrate video, including CRM platforms and customer support software.

Video API and video SDK business outcomes

Leveraging Vbrick’s robust suite of REST APIs and our SDK enables developers to quickly and easily integrate video functionality into their products and internal and external applications, helping them derive significant business value. Possible business outcomes include:

  • Gain faster time to value: Our VPaaS product is a turnkey solution that allows developers to quickly and easily deploy video solutions to their networks. The as-a-service delivery model lets developers start building immediately without requiring any up-front investment or infrastructure development.
  • Facilitate scalability: Our video API and SDK tools give developers the capability to build webcasts and live streaming that scale to hundreds of thousands of viewers, letting every participant no matter where they are tune into and engage with live video events
  • Focus on other high-value priorities: Easy integrations combined with the as-a-service delivery model means developers don’t have to devote excessive amounts of time and resources to video administrative tasks, giving them more bandwidth to focus on other high-value priorities.
  • White-label products for a branded experience: All of Vbrick’s VPaaS offerings can be white-labeled in the customer’s user-facing applications, giving the entire user experience the look and feel of a branded experience.

As the world of work increasingly moves online and business success depends on the ability to engage distributed employees in remote/hybrid work settings, fast, efficient and reliable video is fast becoming one of the hallmarks of a successful enterprise.

As part of Vbrick’s VPaaS platform, our video API and SDK give developers access to a range of tools they can use to embed and integrate engaging video across all enterprise products, website, and internal and external applications.

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