Hybrid Work, Heightened User Expectations, and the Need for Enterprise Video Distribution with Infinite Scale

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The only thing that’s seemed certain these past few years is uncertainty. However, with more than two years of the “new normal” behind us, two things are now clear: that work as we know it has changed for good and that video is a foundational pillar of modern enterprise communications.

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

A recent Gallup poll found that 42% of office workers now have a hybrid schedule — spending part of their time in the office and part of their time at home. Of those currently splitting work hours across multiple locations, a vast majority of employees (90%) want to retain the option to do so. And there’s good reason for that: an Owl Labs study found that 74% of employees believe working from home is better for their mental health and 84% say remote options help boost their overall happiness.

But while employees are settling into a long-term, more balanced work reality, many IT teams are scrambling. Now, they’re facing new challenges in evolving their networks and IT infrastructures (again) to accommodate everyone, no matter where they are, or how often they change up their locations.

Remote Work

Employees need reliable video access at home and at the office

Evolving Tech Expectations Mean Video Must Scale and Deliver — Every Time

While working from home, users grew to expect work-related technology to function as seamlessly as consumer tech. This is particularly true for video, which has become a “critical element of a company’s content marketing strategy, for both internal and external operations,” according to Mordor Intelligence. More than ever before, enterprises are producing online events incorporating live and on-demand one-to-many video streaming. And, people expect Netflix-like video experiences.

So now, instead of focusing singularly on enabling remote work, IT teams must cover every base, while meeting heightened user expectations around technology performance and user experience. Trouble is, getting video to work for the “everywhere enterprise” is no small technology feat, thanks to pervasive bandwidth issues.

While most offices had enough bandwidth to meet their pre-COVID-19 “ordinary” business needs, many organizations are now finding their networks to be too small to handle the impact of hundreds — or even thousands —of employees using video simultaneously across locations and continents. As more workers return to the office (for part- or full-time work), increased Wi-Fi usage combined with the massive shift to video streaming is putting networks under even greater strain. And spotty connections aren’t just creating massive headaches for IT — slow, fixed office networks are the biggest connectivity frustration for employees right now.

6 Ways Vbrick Distribution eCDN Can Supercharge Expanding Enterprise Video Strategies

Organizations need a way to expand their networks without retrofitting and replacing existing systems, which is costly, time-intensive, and often completely out of the question. That’s precisely why we’ve introduced Vbrick Distribution as a standalone offering for the first time. If you missed our recent announcement, here’s what you need to know.

For years, global companies have trusted our enterprise content delivery network solution (eCDN) as part of the Vbrick Enterprise Video Platform (EVP), to eliminate bandwidth and latency challenges and make video streaming simple, secure, and crystal-clear for every viewer, every time.

Now any organization can take advantage of our market-leading eCDN capabilities as a complete solution to unlock the true power of video by:

  1. Eliminating common bandwidth and latency challenges associated with streaming video on a private network, regardless of the network’s configuration.
  2. Infinitely scaling video to deliver reliable, high-quality experiences to an unlimited number of users on any device and at any location across the globe.
  3. Tapping into a robust portfolio of eCDN technologies, including cooperative edge caching, peer-to-peer, multicast, and global content delivery networks to simplify IT operations and scale with ease.
  4. Optimizing spending. Our flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing means no large, up-front investment required. With Vbrick Distribution, organizations can scale up and down quickly, and combine distribution modalities without limitation to create the eCDN solution that best suits their evolving needs.
  5. Using existing video tools. With support for multiple video sources including RTMP, conferencing platforms such as Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and SIP-based video conferencing systems, Vbrick Distribution helps protect existing video tech investments and preserve user workflows.
  6. Protecting video content. With built-in analytics and management tools, Vbrick Distribution enables real-time streaming performance and network monitoring with the highest standards in cloud security to ensure video content stays safe and secure.
Vbrick Distribution eCDN

Vbrick Distribution helps businesses unlock the true power of video

With Vbrick Distribution, your enterprise can do more — whether that means announcing a global virtual conference to bring teams together, rolling out new training opportunities to help attract and retain talent, or fast-tracking a digital transformation initiative to deepen customer loyalty. With infinite reach, the possibilities for video are endless. Learn more about Vbrick eCDN solutions or schedule a one-on-one demo today.

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