Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm Builds a Future-Forward Enterprise Video Strategy

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Video has been part of this Fortune 500 diversified financial services organization for many years — but disparate video tools left teams wanting more. By adopting a centralized approach using the Vbrick Enterprise Video Platform (EVP), the organization has successfully overcome operational, performance, security, and integration challenges — and is looking to the future with confidence.

Challenge: Disparate Video Tools and Limited Features Leave Teams Wanting More

This financial services firm was an early adopter of video technologies. But as its enterprise video requirements continued to grow, the organization began noticing gaps and experiencing performance issues that its current video communications platforms couldn’t address.

Meanwhile, various functional groups across the enterprise were pushing for enhanced video capabilities. For instance, the corporate communications department wanted to host more webinars and large-scale events, sales saw video as a way to improve new product launches, and HR needed to streamline employee onboarding processes with on-demand training.

Solution: A Centralized Approach to Meet Video Requirements Today and Tomorrow

After some particularly poor webinar experiences that resulted in frantic calls and late-night scrambles, the organization decided to make a change. Instead of continuing to invest in multiple video tools, they opted to centralize their approach with an enterprise video platform that could meet a wide variety of needs and scale easily over time. After a careful market evaluation, the organization selected Vbrick’s cloud-native platform to:

  • Stream live and on-demand video content at scale for large audiences. Company leadership can now bring teams together, sharing new financial information, research, and ideas, and calibrating messages to keep everyone informed and ahead of the curve.
  • Enhance knowledge sharing and bridge talent gaps. Users can easily generate new content with just a browser and webcam.
  • Record videos for on-demand insights. Teams can capture important information and share video recordings internally and externally — so no one misses a thing.
  • Prevent data leaks and keep proprietary digital content secure. As the industry’s only FedRAMP- certified enterprise video platform, Vbrick meets the company’s stringent regulatory and customer-driven compliance requirements.
  • Ease compliance. With asynchronous training, teams can meet and simplify compliance.

For this client-centric organization, Vbrick’s position as the enterprise video market leader was an important distinction that factored into their purchasing decision. Vbrick’s proven track record, visionary product approach, impressive client roster, and world-class team gave the organization confidence that this was a partnership that would stand the test of time.

Results: Pervasive Video Use Sparks Continued Innovation and New Opportunities

Today, the organization boasts more than 22,000 active users on the Vbrick platform, and video is pervasive throughout the enterprise.

Having built out resilient video infrastructure and mastered large-scale video meetings, the organization is focused on what’s next. The pandemic highlighted the need for robust virtual event capabilities, so the team is now planning a live event series complete with full-fledged production capabilities powered by Vbrick.

What’s more, the team plans to launch a corporate podcast leveraging Vbrick’s easy publishing, content management, and enrichment tools. Listeners will be able to tune in and subscribe to various channels, easily search for content, and develop their skills and knowledge while on the go.

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