Leading U.S. Bank Forges Trust and Strengthens Community Engagement with Vbrick

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Amidst Corporate Restructure, Leading U.S. Bank Forges Trust and Strengthens Community Engagement with Vbrick

Video can help foster a deep sense of community and belonging while increasing shareholder value — as one leading U.S. bank knows firsthand. Following a major acquisition, the bank launched a robust video resource center for customers, along with self-service video resources and an immersive mobile experience to empower its staff. As the bank continues to grow, it has the right video capabilities and infrastructure in place to scale this powerful engagement model.

Challenge: Employees and Customers Face Uncertainty as Corporate Restructure Begins

Since the pandemic began, banks have led financial services and other industries in instances of restructuring, and this large U.S. bank was no exception. Shortly after its decision to “go all in on video” in 2021, the bank began a large corporate acquisition to accelerate its growth trajectory.

Corporate reorganizations can often spark feelings of fear and doubt, largely stemming from failure to engage people throughout the process in a transparent manner. Fortunately, the bank’s leadership team understood this, and prioritized a video-first communications strategy that would launch right away and remain in place for the long run. They saw Vbrick’s cloud-native enterprise video platform (EVP) as the foundation of this critical initiative, and accelerated onboarding and adoption of the platform.

Solution: Bank Reimagines Reorganization with a Video-First Communication Strategy

Taking full advantage of Vbrick’s robust and unified video capabilities, the bank created a dual communications strategy to engage both customers and internal employees.

  • To deepen its community focus and continue delivering on superior customer service, the bank launched a customized video resource center on its corporate portal with the help of Vbrick’s streaming video APIs. The portal features more than 70 videos of real bankers around the country discussing their work. Enhanced by automated transcriptions and translations, the videos answer customer questions, spotlight local branches, and emphasize the bank’s unwavering commitment to the communities it serves.
  • To alleviate uncertainty and foster a culture of belonging for employees, the bank leveraged the Vbrick EVP to create a robust, searchable library of FAQs and internal how-to videos, giving employees on-demand answers to common IT questions to ease the transition.

Additionally, as current employees returned to the office after COVID and new employees arrived as part of the merger, the bank leveraged Vbrick’s video platform as a service (VPaaS) to create an immersive 360-degree video experience of the corporate headquarters. Available on a mobile app, employees could explore the office floor by floor to get familiar and comfortable with the layout before ever setting foot in the building. Or, when physically in the office, they could scan a QR code to get step-by-step directions to the first-floor coffee bar, or easily find a printer.

Vbrick also helped the bank reach and engage its many employees still working from home. Through Vbrick’s seamless integration with Cisco

Results: A Powerful Video Engagement Model Built for Scale and Growth

Through its partnership with Vbrick, the bank was able to successfully navigate through this time of transition, and continues to expand its use of video to deepen trust and engagement.

Today, 94% of the bank’s employee base is actively using the Vbrick EVP at work.

The bank’s customer-facing video portal has been wildly successful. Customers visit the portal regularly, and love seeing their own local branch and familiar faces in featured videos. Employees look forward to contributing their voices and stories. Some have even remarked how this channel helps them feel heard in the workplace. New video content is added regularly to the portal, which the bank has dubbed its “corporate TikTok” page.

By empowering employees with self-service IT capabilities and video resources like the 360-degree mobile app, the bank saw a 26% reduction in IT tickets in just six months. This enhanced operational efficiency means IT staff can focus on business-critical transformation initiatives.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The bank’s team is constantly looking for new ways to innovate with video for maximum impact. They collaborate regularly with Vbrick to transform creative ideas into new use cases. For them, video is so much more than just hosting company-wide meetings or town halls — it’s a huge part of their culture. As the bank continues to grow, it has the right video capabilities and infrastructure in place to scale this powerful engagement model and continue delivering exceptional experiences for its customers and employees.

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