Enterprise Video Content Management

Enterprises need a platform that can manage the growing volume of video content and make it easier to find and use across the enterprise.

“I have been able to have multiple users upload directly into Vbrick which helps us keep have minimal hands-on when it comes to user access and content uploading. The benefits allow us to cut out a middle man.”

System Administrator in the Consulting Industry – G2 Review

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Video Content Management
Enterprise Video Content Management with Rev

Easily search and share your video content

Viewers can easily search relevant content within long videos, eliminating the wasted time hunting for the right clip. Users can also easily search for a speaker using the power of AI. The Vbrick Rev platform provides video recommendations based on popularity, date and individual user views and users can easily share video content.

Support User-Generated Content With Online Video Editing

Rev enables all content creators to easily polish their videos right from their browser. The online video editor gives users an integrated solution for typical enterprise pain points like trimming, plug-in restrictions, out of date content, and workflow approvals.

Caption & Enrich Your Video

Meet accessibility requirements and extend the global reach of your video content.  Live video can be recorded automatically and video recordings can be uploaded to the Rev platform.  Videos are transcribed and can be translated into 48 languages.  Videos can be tagged for easier search.  Leverage artificial intelligence to further enrich your video with automated tagging of individuals appearing in the video.

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Improve Governance and Compliance

An enterprise video library needs to be able to scale organically without undue administrative burdens. Rev makes it easy to manage retention policies, control access and incorporates approval workflows to ensure compliance with your organization’s policies.

Keep Your Video Secure

The Rev platform is built with security in mind and is the only FedRAMP authorized enterprise video platform.

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Gain better insight on video engagement

Measure how viewers are engaging with video content. Gain a detailed understanding of total views, completion rates, and average viewing time for your individual videos. System wide metrics provide reporting across your video library.

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