Secure Enterprise Video


As the leading provider of enterprise video platforms to some of the world’s largest organizations, Vbrick has heavily invested in ensuring that the security needs of its customers – from Fortune 10 corporations to the Federal Government – are met and exceeded. Vbrick solutions are built and maintained with security in mind, from the infrastructure level through to our enterprise video platform application layer and the operational processes required by the most exacting government and commercial cloud-platform specifications.

The Highest Standard Of Security

Vbrick delivers the industry’s highest standard of security, reliability, and powerful failover – providing peace of mind to you. Vbrick’s video platform integrates into enterprise workflows (authentication, access approvals, retention policies, auditing, controls. etc.) plus 100% HTTPS, NIST-based procedures, and the industry-leading AWS cloud infrastructure.  Video is encrypted and secure both “at rest” and “in transit.”  Vbrick is also the only Enterprise Video Platform that is FedRAMP certified.



Vbrick leverages Amazon Web Services the worldwide leading Cloud infrastructure provider, to deliver solutions that are highly available, scalable and secure. AWS maintains state of the art security at their data centers and maintain practices intended to ensure maximum physical security of those premises. AWS has physical and environmental security capabilities which meet or exceed the capabilities of other major providers.

Application Layer

Rev offers many layers of security including user authentication and encryption to ensure that only authorized users are able to view specific videos and to keep data safe at rest and in transit. For user authentication, Rev integrates with an organization’s LDAP or Active Directory service, importing user groups as defined by the company and ensuring that user information is always current via synchronization with the LDAP / AD system or Single Sign-on via SAML 2.0.

Operational Layer

Vbrick has adopted NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4 as the basis for operating a secure information security program. Additionally, Vbrick is committed to meeting the requirements of FedRAMP. Not only do these standards have industry-wide recognition and acceptance, but they also provide an externally verifiable framework for operating our Cloud service and its supporting services securely.

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