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Everything you need to know to raise your video IQ

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Why Video is Corporate Communications’ Tool of Choice

As far back as 2012, 93% of communications employees realized that the use of video was required as part of a communications strategy

Types of Business Video: An Enterprise Guide

In this post, we look at the 12 types of video that modern enterprises are regularly planning and producing.

Solve Common Enterprise Challenges with Training Videos

Some of the top challenges that Learning and Development professionals face are engaging learners, delivering consistent training, adapting training to millennials and reaching an audience that is on different time zones and often work from home.

Computer Vision for Video Artificial Intelligence

This post will focus on how Computer Vision algorithms will maximize the value generated from video. We expect this to be achieved with faster analysis, production, and even artistic direction.

The Foundations of Video Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a broad set of approaches for allowing computers to mimic human abilities. As Rev begins to introduce some exciting new AI features this fall, it is important to understand the fundamentals of how AI works first

The Role Of AI In Building Video IQ

Vbrick and Theta Lake are partnering to explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can build the IQ of video.

A Video Streaming Solution Is Only As Good As the Sum of Its Parts

Using a fully integrated video capture, management, and distribution solution often correlates with higher overall video streaming success.  Consider integrated solutions as you evaluate your choices in the market.

Video and the Virtual Desktop – Problem Solved

Many companies in industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare and Government deploy virtual desktop environments with the aim of closely managing network security and user access, centralizing desktop management and delivering a uniform user experience for their employees. However, video delivery and consumption on virtualized environments is challenging. Vbrick and Citrix have worked together solve the problem with a solution to securely and efficiently deliver high definition video on virtual desktops.

Vbrick Rev Is FedRamp Authorized

Vbrick is now listed as “FedRAMP Authorized” on the FedRAMP Marketplace. This exciting milestone means government users can continue to use Rev with the confidence that our platform meets the rigorous security and risk management review process required by our US federal government partners.

Vbrick Announces Updates to Industry Leading Video Platform – Furthering Our Award-Winning Integration with Cisco’s Collaboration Stack

Vbrick is proud to announce updates to Rev Cloud, our industry-leading enterprise video platform.  This round of improvements further enhances our already extensive integrations with Cisco’s Collaboration architecture and improves user experience and capabilities.

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