Securely Integrate Your Company’s Video Content into ServiceNow

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Video tutorials are a powerful tool to automate support throughout your business — whether that’s in HR or your marketing department. According to Cisco’s Annual Internet Report, unified communications and collaboration solutions are becoming the norm, forcing companies to embrace video and virtual augmented reality across business applications. 

That said, you don’t want to entrust publicly available video-sharing platforms with confidential information. After all, they’re designed to share videos outside of a corporate environment. So even if you set them to private, you can’t be sure how your data is used. 

You also want to avoid making your entire video library available to everyone, regardless if they are on your team or in your company, to protect information and keep your operations safe. People can intentionally or inadvertently make videos public, but using a more fine-grained approach to access rights and permissions can deliver context-appropriate video content for the task at hand without sacrificing privacy. 

Vbrick is the answer to those issues and seamlessly integrates with your ServiceNow® instance. ServiceNow has been the leading platform for business process management for years, so the integration with Vbrick, the leading enterprise video platform, brings synergies other services simply can’t deliver. 

Companies can benefit from a secure video platform in a myriad of ways, so we’ll give you a few ideas for each department in your organization. 

The Key Benefits of an Integrated Video Solution in ServiceNow 

Business isn’t going digital — it already has. With an increasing number of tasks running online, video content needs to be a key part of engaging team members and clients as well as streamlining processes. 

First of all, videos create a human connection. Even when we look at a human face on a screen, the message attached to it carries more weight and evokes more emotions than a written memo. Especially in HR and corporate communications, where leadership is trying to get their teams behind company values, video brings enormous advantages. If your team members see complex ideas illustrated on screen and company policies acted out, they’re more engaged and retain more information, which streamlines your operations and internal communication.

At the same time, your video content can aid self-service initiatives, thus empowering each team member and minimizing ticket submissions in support or long-winded email exchanges with superiors. This boosts your team’s overall productivity while protecting them through strict security and data privacy policies. 

For international companies, the benefits are even more significant because they can share timely content enriched with transcription and translation to follow along. Imagine the power of your CEO sharing a video message that’s automatically translated for every team around the globe. To measure the ROI of those initiatives, you can easily analyze your team’s usage through video insights. This will also inform your future communication strategies and help you allocate resources where they’re needed. 

And if you’re worried about meeting compliance or regulatory requirements, Vbrick makes it easy to fine-tune user access rights and implement permissions management on a by-need basis. 

Unlocking all those features isn’t an easy feat, though. To benefit from the streamlined messaging we described, you need to aggregate all your videos in a single spot where they can be managed and controlled. Due to their more technical nature, video files are more difficult to manage than other data formats.  

Vbrick helps you extract the most value from your video content through our platform’s robust capabilities, from transcription and translation features to AI-powered search and tagging to setting user permissions and access controls. By integrating Vbrick with ServiceNow, your team can always find and access the most relevant video content based on their role and task with ease. 

How Your Enterprise Can Use Vbrick With ServiceNow To Drive Value Across All Departments 

Each enterprise will benefit from video content differently, which is why we’d like to give you a few ideas that might match your operations. 

Streamlined Internal Communications 

Being able to rely on tools like ServiceNow Employee Center Pro to power your company-wide intranet is something you need to experience to understand its impact. Once you can explain technical or legal matters, such as new open enrollment benefits, in videos, right within ServiceNow, you’ll immediately see a spike in employee engagement. With Vbrick integrated with Employee Center Pro, you can create experiences like a ‘CEO corner’ that serve as a centralized place for all of your live and recorded executive communications and town halls. You can incorporate playlists to curate videos on related topics, such as corporate branding or DE&I initiatives, to more easily share information. You can even use videos for internal goal setting, whether in project management, quarterly reports, or during fitness challenges — the possibilities are endless!

Optimized Knowledge Management 

Whether you’re onboarding new employees, running a company-wide software update, or implementing best practices for online security among your remote team members — video training is the way to go. Eighty-two percent of global leaders agree that future success will be based on employee-centric strategies and large-scale upskilling or reskilling. Especially in a technical context, it’s more helpful to see where the instructor clicks rather than dig through a written manual with a single screenshot. 

Due to the ease with which you can embed Vbrick videos in your ServiceNow pages, your staff in HR, IT, or legal departments can easily link back to existing instructional material. This reduces their ticket volume and increases productivity across the entire organization. 

Unified Workflows for Each Department 

Once the experts on your team have amassed a number of video tutorials, it’s easy to create secure, centralized multimedia vaults where other employees can easily search for helpful content. This saves time for everyone involved and ensures your workflows remain consistent. 

Creating how-tos for predetermined and common processes will soon become a habit. That way, when you’re onboarding a new client, you’ll know your team follows quality standards and represents your enterprise the way you intended. 

The same holds true for your marketing department. With explanatory videos referencing your branding guidelines, it’s easier for them to maintain a consistent style across marketing channels, even without seasoned team members explaining it to newcomers. 

If your clients happen to run into problems with your product, you can set up standard workflows for known issues, so your support staff can easily address them through video tutorials and focus on more challenging cases. 

Schedule a Demo Today 

If you’d like to learn more about using video to streamline your business processes, check out our whitepaper. 

We hope we could spark your curiosity about Vbrick and the potential of video tutorials. To see how it works in action and how your organization specifically can benefit, schedule a demo today! 

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