Revolutionizing IT Service Management With Vbrick’s AI-Driven Video Integration for ServiceNow

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It’s always exciting to observe what happens when you combine two ingredients. For a long time, Vbrick has refined its recipe for an industry-leading enterprise video platform with features for video content management and cloud security.

That’s why we’re both proud and excited to introduce the second ingredient to your business success: Vbrick’s new AI-driven integration with ServiceNow. Let’s look into its features and explore how it can streamline your operations.

The Growing Importance of Video in Corporate Settings

As download speeds increase, businesses and their employees increasingly rely on videos where they otherwise would have used written communication. New hires don’t have to dig through thick paper manuals anymore; they can see how someone uses a software feature in a video tutorial. The same is true for many sales teams who now demonstrate products or services to clients in video calls. Company announcements, performance reviews, job interviews — all of these are moving to video.

To realize the change that brings along for your customers, consider how most enterprises used to handle IT service management (ITSM). If you couldn’t fix the issue by yourself with a paper manual, you had to go through a hotline or a chat. Then, a representative would try to talk you through the icons you’d have to click and ask which messages you saw on the screen. Nowadays, service staff can simply compress all that knowledge into a helpful video recording and send it to the client or coworker.

There’s only one problem. While that solution can seem like a magic wand on a case-by-case basis, video files accumulate quickly. Before you know it, employees are looking at thousands of video files, and because it becomes increasingly difficult to find the one relevant to the customer’s question, they may even record the same video twice.

This eats away at precious online storage and worsens the situation over time. Thankfully, it’s not the only option.

Vbrick and ServiceNow: A Game-Changer

Enter Vbrick and ServiceNow, two trusted allies in your battle against video file management. Vbrick customers already know their enterprise video platform (EVP) gives extensive power over permission controls and lets you fine-tune safety features to meet compliance requirements. Now, users can combine all of that functionality with ServiceNow’s features, unlocking workflows that used to be unthinkable before.

Instead of hunting down the right video file for your business process, you can find video content relevant to each individual case, precisely sorted by artificial intelligence, right within ServiceNow. This can contain anything from videos stored by coworkers on Vbrick to in-depth technical documentation from IT. By integrating both platforms, you’ll give your employees the keys to a treasure trove for customer service and ITSM.

Once a service agent is logged into ServiceNow, their user credentials are seamlessly passed on to Vbrick, so you stay in control of authentication and permission-based access to individual video files. And since the AI analyzes information from video descriptions, transcripts with timestamps, and metadata, your team can drastically reduce the time it takes to resolve any given issue.

Let’s see what this looks like in different scenarios.

Real-World Application: A Day in the Life of an ITSM Agent

ITSM agents already had access to written technical documentation like manuals and blog posts within their ServiceNow ticket in the past. Now, with Vbrick integrated, enriched video content helps them resolve every case even faster.

Let’s assume your agent is responding to an end user who struggles to connect to their VPN client. Of course, they’ll see the usual categories and descriptions alongside the user’s ticket. But now, the knowledge database also gives them access to an AI-curated list of videos stored on the Vbrick EVP that relate to VPN connectivity and that the agent has permission to view.

To save time during their response, agents can skim the video description or search through the transcription’s timestamps to find the relevant sections of the video. Before including the video in their answer, the agent can review it right within ServiceNow. They can use the search bar to skip to the most helpful response and look at other agents’ reviews of the video or the upload date to ensure the information is still relevant.

For more technical video recordings, agents can leverage the power of Vbrick’s new AI Video Assistant and simply pose questions specific to an individual recording. If the engineering team has resolved the issue that led to the VPN connectivity issue and recorded their discussion, an agent can now ask the assistant to summarize best practices or necessary adjustments to user settings. That saves everyone the time of sending countless messages back and forth and makes great use of a resource that was already there.

Beyond Troubleshooting: Proactive Solutions and Employee Engagement

With a powerful tool like Vbrick’s AI-powered EVP, only your imagination will limit the ways in which you can streamline your operations.

While it’s a great solution for support and customer service scenarios like the one above, it can enhance internal communication as well. Whether you’re changing your enterprise’s benefits policies or running a group of new employees through HR training, most processes can only benefit from the enhanced engagement video content delivers.

By leveraging a unified source of information, you can ensure that policies stay consistent over time and across departments while delivering updates in easily digestible formats that prompt employees to take action.

Get the Best of Two Powerful Business Platforms and Up Your Game

There’s no denying that video is the best possible response to customers and employees requesting a better experience. Until now, that forced enterprises to create duplicate content because it was challenging to stay on top of video management. With ServiceNow and Vbrick, your team can increase their productivity and get to the most relevant videos in no time.

Learn more about this powerful collaboration and talk to our team if you’d like to see them in action.

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