Vbrick Ups the Game on User Generated Content and Public Webcasts

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We deployed the October Vbrick Rev Platform release for our US Customers last week and made available for download the latest release of our Rev eCDN DME. This release is a great example of the work our engineering and product teams are doing to ensure our customers can leverage the power of video to empower, engage and reach their employees, their partners, and their customers anywhere and anytime. More specifically, the release contributes to two key initiatives we prioritized for this year:

  • Governed Self-Service for Enterprise Video Content Management
  • Extending the Reach of the Platform to External Scenarios

You can watch a round up of our latest release below:

And for those of you who would rather read…here are a few of my favorite things about the October release.

Governed Self-Service for Enterprise Video Content Management

I’m super excited about the work the team took on in this release to radically simplify and enable the creation and sharing of video content by any employee while offering the governance and compliance capabilities an IT team needs to enable these capabilities for employees. 

Browser-Based Screen & Webcam Recording

Companies can now empower all their employees to easily create and share new video content directly from their browser without the need to install any additional tools. Creating knowledge sharing videos that can combine video and screen share directly from within Rev is now just 2 clicks away. Playback of these recordings also benefits from our unique ability to separate the speaker video from the content share and allow viewers to choose their preferred playback layout.

screenshot of video conference in a web browser

VOD Ownership Management

Vbrick Rev already had a rich set of functionalities around controlling access and permissions to recorded video content and this release introduces the formal concept of ownership for a video. This concept of an owner is in addition to the current concept of an uploader for a video. Companies can now better model their organization’s preferred content creation and curation processes, for example enabling a team to create and upload content on the behalf of other users, while retaining complete traceability to the original uploader and current owner. In addition, administrators can easily reassign ownership of videos when employees change roles or positions within the company.

screenshot of a dropdown selector with mousing selecting

Other Enhancements

In addition to these new capabilities, the release also included a number of refinements to existing functionality, including enhancements to ACL handling Channels and Channel Contributors and Refinements to the VOD Portal Featured Video Carousels.

I really can’t wait to see how our customers start to leverage these new self-service content creation and sharing capabilities.

Meanwhile, on the Webcasting and Streaming Front

As was mentioned in an earlier article, an increasing number of our customers are extending the reach of their Rev EVP beyond the realm of internal communication and leveraging Rev’s rich webcast and VOD capabilities for external scenarios. At the same time, these customers are also planning their return to the office or hybrid office plans and looking to leverage our eCDN offering to optimize video distribution on the corporate network. The October release introduced some great new capabilities to support both needs.

Public Webcast Event Registration & Registration Management

Now you can add registration to your public webcast events. Attendees will get a simplified login experience with a tailored join URL. Administrators gain the ability to manage registrations within Rev and export registrations for use with their preferred marketing or email automation tool using .CSV export.

Screenshot of UI - Public Webcast Event Registration & Registration Management

Screenshot of the public registration user interface

Multicast Distribution with Error Correction & Encryption

Vbrick Multicast now includes the ability to recover from certain levels of network packet loss with its built-in error correction. This new functionality may especially be of interest for customers looking to adopt wireless multicast, which is more prone to these types of network packet loss issues.

New Integration with Webex Events Webcasts

Coming in the November timeframe, Cisco’s Webex Events Webcasts will now support leveraging a customer’s Vbrick Rev Tenant for enterprise content distribution (eCDN) and video content management (EVCM) of Webex Events Webcasts.

What’s Next?

I am proud of the work that our awesome engineering team and our (mostly) friendly neighborhood product team have taken on for our customers this year, and we still have one more release to go, our upcoming Happy Holidays December Release.

As I’ve jokingly said in some of my previous blogs, as a product manager, “I can neither confirm nor deny” that we are working on some of the items below for our December release:

  • A revamped and updated UI for our Video Player
  • Enhanced VOD Embedding Capabilities
  • Refinements to Public Event Webcast Registration
  • Webcast Rebroadcasting Scenarios (also known as Simulive)

Signing off for now to go work on the December release and our 2022 roadmap.



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