How Video Can Help Ensure Federal Contractor Compliance

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Compliance among government contractors is crucial, and it is up to you to ensure your contractors are compliant.

Video is a powerfully flexible way to do just that.

With video, you can deliver training and compliance videos to your contractors. Video provides what federal agencies need to ensure contractor compliance:

  • Accessibility – Contractors can watch compliance and training videos anywhere, at any time.
  • Measurement – You can track your contractors’ progress through the training and compliance videos.
  • Security – You can deliver the videos safely and reliably.

Delivering your training and compliance videos on an enterprise video platform lets you distribute this content in many ways.

You can provide the videos via email or another messaging platform, your intranet, or more. The videos can be available whenever a contractor needs to access them, keeping their compliance efforts from interfering with their project schedules and deadlines.

Additionally, you will receive analytics and insights into how your contractors progress through the compliance videos with the right platform. This way, you will know how many contractors need prompting to maintain their compliance and how many have met their requirements.

Security is also critically important to all government agencies. Fortunately, you can deliver training and compliance videos safely and reliably to your contractors.

Video makes contractor compliance easier and safer for you and your contractors. As you review your contractor compliance program, think about how video can help you ensure your workforce remains trained and compliant.

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