4 Features You Need in an Enterprise Video Management Solution

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illustration of man standing in front of an oversized computer screen with people on the screen wavingEnterprise video management becomes increasingly important by the day.

Eighty-one percent of businesses use video in their marketing, according to HubSpot. Ragan Communications found that employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than reading text.

Plus, live streaming and video remain critical during the COVID-19 pandemic as companies from Google to UPS pushback when they expect to have employees once again in their offices.

All this demand means organizations are creating and distributing more video content than ever before. And that content requires a robust enterprise video management solution.

But how do you pick the best platform for your company?

This blog post highlights four crucial elements you’ll want to have in your enterprise video management solution.

What You Want in an Enterprise Video Management Platform

It can be a little overwhelming shopping for an enterprise video content management system (CMS) because it seems as if you have many options. Most, though, aren’t able to meet the enterprise’s needs.

If you’re looking for a video CMS for your company, here are the four key features you’ll want to make sure your solution includes.

1) Enhanced video

It’s no longer sufficient for companies to use video. They need to ensure their videos meet accessibility standards, are multilingual, and can be understood by mobile device viewers who consume media with the sound turned off.

That’s why you want an enterprise video management solution that gives you:

  • Captioning, subtitles, and transcripts
  • Translation support for many languages
  • Contextual information

The right enterprise video CMS for your company is one that lets you automatically add and generate captions, subtitles, and transcripts for your videos and live streams. These items help your video meet accessibility standards and gives soundless, mobile-device viewers a way to understand your video content.

Enterprises employ global workforces and deploy global marketing campaigns, making translation support critical for organizations’ videos. A video management solution should be able to translate your video content into many languages.

And you’ll want an enterprise video CMS that’s able to analyze your videos’ contextual information, such as a video’s audio and visual components. This data increases your videos’ accessibility while making your video library better organized and more searchable.

2) In-depth analytics

Large organizations need details about their videos and live streams.

How’s your video content performing? Who’s consuming it? Are viewers engaging with your live stream and, if so, in what ways? Are there technical issues with your live stream?

These are just a few of the questions your enterprise video CMS should help you answer, both after a video’s published and in real-time.

3) Best-in-class security

A 2017 University of Maryland study found there’s a hack attempt against websites every 39 seconds. And the FBI reported in July 2020 a 300% increase in cyber crimes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These scary stats illustrate the vital need for an enterprise video management system that delivers premier security.

One way to know if a video CMS provides the security you need is if it’s FedRAMP certified. FedRAMP sets the industry standard for digital cloud security. Any video management tool that isn’t FedRAMP certified isn’t the right solution for the enterprise.

4) Customizable governance and workflows

You’re a big company with unique, evolving needs, and your enterprise video CMS should be able to accommodate those demands.

That means your organization’s ideal video content management system gives you precise governance controls. This way, your employees can completely control access to every one of your videos.

And you’ll want to build workflows that align with how your organization operates. A proper enterprise video management solution should accommodate everything from legal approvals to video reviews.

Getting Enterprise Video Content Management Right

It can feel overwhelming to pick an enterprise video management solution for your company.

Fortunately, there are four must-have pieces you’ll want in your video CMS:

  • Enhanced video
  • In-depth analytics
  • Leading security
  • Customized governance and workflows

Any platform that doesn’t come equipped with these features is probably not the right solution for your organization.

One option that delivers on each of the above requirements is Vbrick’s Rev. Find out why Rev is leading the industry in enterprise video content management.

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