3 Benefits of Having Video Editing in Your Enterprise Video Solution

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It’s easy to overlook enterprise video editing software when thinking about video content solutions.

After all, features such as video security, analytics, and management get most of the attention, and rightfully so. These elements are crucial components in a best-in-class enterprise video platform.

But enterprise video editing software is still an indispensable part of a company’s video management system. Video editing is something you’ll want to consider when researching how your organization will handle video content.

Below, we list three significant benefits of having a video solution with enterprise video editing software. Keep reading to discover the advantages of an enterprise video platform that supports video editing.

Three Big Benefits of Enterprise Video Editing Software

Over the past few years, video editing’s gone through a metamorphosis.

It wasn’t that long ago that editing videos required expensive hardware and software, trained technicians, and hours of effort. And, yes, the most highly produced videos still need professional equipment and expertise.

But people’s appetite for video is forcing enterprises to generate more videos than ever before. Fortunately, technology improvements make video editing easier and more accessible.

These innovations are pushing enterprise video editing software to become an increasingly valuable tool for helping companies meet the growing appetite for video content.

Let’s find out what three significant benefits are of enterprise video editing software.

1) Saves time

Sometimes all you need is to make small, simple edits to your videos. For example, your social media team needs to trim a video to meet a social network’s requirements.

One way they get this change is by asking your video team to do it. That puts something on the video team’s to-do list, and it means your social media folks have to wait to receive the trimmed video.

Or, you can pick a video content management system that lets your social media team make the change themselves. This latter option means your social media team gets the video they need quickly, and it keeps something off your video group’s to-do list.

The ability to edit videos within your video platform can be a huge timesaver for many in your company.

2) Improves efficiency

Another benefit to picking a video platform with editing abilities is that your company can generate more videos more efficiently.Abstract illustration of person on their laptop with an oversized video editing interface in the background

This benefit occurs by increasing the number of people who can edit videos.

Sure, you’ll still need producers and other skilled people to edit much of your video content. But as we mentioned above, not all videos need that level of treatment.

Enterprise video editing software that’s baked into your video management tool democratizes video editing across your company. This advantage improves efficiency by making it easier for your teams to produce video content with fewer people involved.

Plus, teams can manage and monitor specific videos’ workflows and approvals. That can mean less time waiting on a video’s approval and less reliance on someone else to manage the approval process.

3) Easy to use

The best enterprise video editing software is easy to use, which is the goal. You diminish the value of a video editing tool if most people can’t use it.

That’s why you want software that doesn’t require much technical skill or training to use. And it should be accessible to more people, including those outside your video team.

Granting access to your video editor doesn’t mean you’re giving everyone in your company the ability to edit and use your enterprise video library. The right video platform gives you the freedom to control who has access to which videos and when.

Selecting the right enterprise video platform for your company delivers the video access control you need, paired with a video editor your employees can use.

More Videos, More Quickly, and Efficiently

Videos are becoming more common in how companies market and communicate and train their employees.

That demand’s driving organizations to find ways to quickly and efficiently produce more video content. And many enterprises are investing in solutions to manage their video libraries.

While reviewing platforms, companies rightfully focus on essential needs, such as security and analytics. But they should also consider platforms that come equipped with enterprise video editing software.

Doing so packs significant benefits, including:

  • Saving employees’ time
  • Making your company more efficient
  • Being easy to use

Your company needs videos now more than ever. Thankfully, a solution featuring enterprise video editing software will help you meet this demand.

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