Vbrick Introduces VPaaS for Developers

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Vbrick Embraces Developer Community with Developer-Tier VPaaS Subscription Offering

HERNDON, Va. – July 18, 2022 – Vbrick, the leading cloud-native end-to-end enterprise video solutions provider, is embracing the developer community with the introduction of VPaaS for Developers, a new developer-focused subscription tier that provides full access to Vbrick’s enterprise Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS) capabilities.

Previously available only to Vbrick’s enterprise video platform (EVP) customers, VPaaS for Developers is a smaller-scale developer-centric license for Vbrick’s fully extensible video platform. The Vbrick platform provides a robust suite of APIs and SDKs that enables developers to embed powerful video capabilities, including live webcasts, on-demand streaming, transcription, translation, eCDN distribution, content management, and analytics, into their existing applications and workflows.

“Vbrick customers and partners have successfully utilized our VPaaS capabilities to enhance their internal and external applications with high-quality, secure, and reliable video at scale,” said Shailesh Lohiya, chief technology officer, Vbrick. “By creating a developer-focused VPaaS offering, we are providing the wider development community with access to our technology and encouraging developers to innovate and experiment with building video into their applications to transform their workflows, all while testing the functionality in a production environment before deploying.”

Vbrick VPaaS for Developers allows development teams to implement video quickly using turnkey solutions that eliminate the need to manage complex infrastructure and code. Built-in, rich business logic provides access control and the ability to build on existing roles, while Vbrick’s global distribution ensures efficient delivery of high-quality video streams around the world, and the ability to scale to hundreds of thousands of users with the industry’s highest security standards.

“With access to Vbrick’s full suite of APIs and video SDK resources, developers have the flexibility to truly customize their applications and products with video, leveraging the individual aspects and components of our EVP to best meet their organization’s needs,” said Lohiya.

Vbrick VPaaS for Developers is supported by a team of expert engineers and professional services groups that provide support throughout the enterprise video journey. Subscribers have access to a comprehensive developer hub with how-to tutorials, videos, and reference materials. To learn more or to request a demo, visit vbrick.com/vpaas.

About Vbrick

Vbrick is the leading Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) provider. Its end-to-end, cloud-native solution removes operational, performance, security and integration barriers to adoption, unlocking the true power of video for the enterprise. The world’s most widely recognized brands rely on Vbrick’s proven unified streaming, video-on-demand, and content management capabilities to engage, empower, and transform their organizations at scale. To learn more visit vbrick.com.

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