Live Webcasting with Vbrick Rev

With the Vbrick Rev enterprise video platform, anyone in your organization can easily live stream to large audiences and interact with chat, polling, and questions. Setting up your live event has never been easier.

“What I like about Vbrick is how easy it is for the user to share information with their colleagues in a very interactive environment. The Q&A, chat, and polling features make it easy for viewers to participate in live webcasts. Along with the ability to record your live webcasts and then share the VOD for people who missed the live event is very helpful.”

System Administrator in the Automotive Industry – G2 Review

Capture Video From Any Source

Capture video from any source so that anyone on any device can watch, webcast, and collaborate.  Easily use your existing video conferencing solution as the source.

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Reach Audiences Anywhere On Any Device

Don’t worry about your video conference solution audience limitations.  Use Vbrick’s enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) to power live streaming to a virtually unlimited audience.  Viewers can securely watch the live stream from their office or their home on any device with only a browser – no extra software needed.

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Caption & Enrich Your Video

Make your webcasts more accessible with live transcription and live translation into 21 languages.

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Interact With Your Audience

Enhance attendee engagement with live chat, Q&A, and polling. Empower your audience to manage the layout, control audio, and video, and download presentation content.

Raise Your Video IQ With Webcast Analytics

Measure the reach and performance of your webcast with Rev real-time analytics.  Optimize the viewing experience with network performance analytics including re-buffering rates, errors, and stream performance indicators.

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Keep Your Video Secure

You need a secure video platform.  Manage who can view your webcast. Rev integrates into enterprise workflows supporting authentication, access approvals, retention policies, auditing, and controls.

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Rev is the ideal platform to support your large scale virtual event.  Learn how to audience reach and maximize event ROI

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