Why YouTube Isn’t the Right Fit for Enterprise Video Streaming

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Have you ever succeeded in uploading a video to your website, only to find that your customers are not able to watch it because it takes too long to load?

Maybe you have turned to YouTube for hosting because it is easy. All you have to do is upload your video and add the link to your site.

While your company can use YouTube for live video streaming and hosting, isn’t it time to manage those assets with the best streaming video services for business? After all, there is no reason to compete for attention with cute pet videos when you can host your business assets on a professional site.

Of course, competing with funny pets is not the only reason why YouTube is not the right fit for enterprise video. Imagine how much more professional your business will appear if you host your work on the right platform.

Appearances are notable, but security is vital.

Why Isn’t YouTube the Right Fit for Enterprise Video Streaming?

image of a live stream, large screen on a stage with a panel of people in frontSecurity is a priority for business and the main reason to avoid using live video streaming sites such as YouTube. Your business is vulnerable to losing confidential data to competitors and hackers on YouTube and other sites that do not maintain proper security.

Don’t take the risk.

Think about it—any internal video you host for your employees online is bound to have confidential data that, if breached, could jeopardize your organization’s security. Maybe you set that employee town hall to private. Guess what? Hackers do not care.

Video is a popular form of communication these days, so employees are likely making company videos and uploading them in various locations, including YouTube. These random employee videos put your company at risk for potential PR nightmares, loss of revenue, security breaches, and even litigation. In addition, employees will have a hard time finding video files quickly when you need them.

What does this mean for your company?

It is time to find a secure host to store and stream content with encrypted traffic, video streaming, and live event management. Not only that, but it is also vital to protect video metadata and files within the platform, and implement best practices for creating enterprise video.

Enterprise Video

Man standing on stage, out of focusAn Enterprise Video Platform helps align video communication with business goals regarding both internal and external video communication. Enterprise video platforms include higher levels of security and seamless integration into websites and core business applications. Most importantly, a platform specifically designed for business means that your videos will not end up on an online video platform that caters to general entertainment.

There are limitless ways to use enterprise video, from training new employees, corporate communications, sales videos, to social media applications. Today, companies are leveraging live video applications to connect with clients all over the world. Consequently, by 2022, Transparency Market Research estimates that the enterprise video market management will reach over $13 billion.

More and more business owners are starting to realize not only the value of enterprise video but also the importance of keeping it secure. Here is the thing—there are even more ways to use an enterprise video management system then you may realize.

Enterprise Video CMS

According to Gartner Research, an enterprise video content management system (CMS) is something every business should consider for security, interactivity, analytics, workflow, and more. In addition, the expected 69% ROI that results from implementing an online training program for employees will make one well worth the effort.

Indeed, video is valuable to your company in nearly every department.

The advantages of using an enterprise video cms become quickly apparent for removing security risks. You will also have video analytics in the cms that unlock the value in video meetings and recordings by leveraging data. Other noteworthy advantages include the ability for your employees to store, manage, and organize enterprise video from any location.

Everyone in the company will be able to search and share company assets, making collaboration easier.

Video Streaming Services

video camera in the foreground and people out of focus in the background, sittingStreaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube have taken over the way that people consume movies and TV. In addition, live video is even being produced and consumed on Facebook now. The public loves the advantages that video streaming is bringing to them at home, and that has been spilling over into work at the enterprise.

A recent study by Nemertes Research revealed that around half of the 500 companies polled currently use or plan to use live video streaming across their network. Additionally, streaming recorded video for training, replaying meetings, and more is a widely accepted practice.

Companies use video streaming services for executive broadcasts with peers, partners, and customers as well as for surveillance and security video, and even in telemedicine, with wearable devices. Today’s businesses must use a proactive approach to achieve the quality and bandwidth management it takes to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of enterprise video.

The best streaming video service helps organizations with the high bandwidth that it takes to stream video  and helps preserve other network resources. It also assists the company in accessing network performance data to help resolve and optimize the video viewing.

A delivery network manages both live and recorded video delivery, with efficient bandwidth use. It also improves performance and cuts down on network demand. Managing performance is a vital factor because higher resolutions, bitrates, and massive amounts of data often result in issues with reliability and latency.

There is nothing worse than trying to watch a video with lag. In fact, bad video is a great way to lose customers and interest from employees. The bottom line is that if you use enterprise video, you need to make sure it works the way everyone expects.

Device compatibility

Then there is the issue of device compatibility, another critical aspect of video streaming and successful enterprise video applications. Resolution and bitrates make it possible to adjust the stream to fit any screen. An enterprise service provider can take one stream and transcode it for a myriad of devices.

Since so many people use their cell phones and mobile devices to access video, it is essential to ensure compatible content. For example, if your employees and clients are using any of Apple’s products, they will not be able to use flash video. There is also the challenge of tracking and gathering user behavior data for compliance, training, and human resources, materials.

In other words, you may need to verify if a user watched a video. Using a professional enterprise platform addresses all of these issues. What’s more, enterprise video cms provide a secure way to post, share, and discover mobile video content, as well as providing optimized streaming recordings for playback across mobile devices.

Services such as Rev’s video transcoding features accept a range of video and audio file types, automatically converting them to formats optimized for HTML5 viewers.

Video Streaming Software

While capturing video is easy enough to do our phones—at an enterprise-level, you have many more sources of video. You will utilize video conferencing equipment and software, as well as security systems, high-end cameras, encoders, and more. Enterprise video CMS will handle inputs from all of these sources.

There are infinite potential sources of video, live streaming sites, and software that businesses need to utilize with a variety of formats such as wmv, mov, avi, and flv. What this means for your company is that it is best to prioritize cross-platform and device compatibility. Another consideration is centralized version control, regardless of the share-outs and video streaming software involved.

Get Your Company’s Enterprise Video Up to Speed

Are you considering expanding your company’s video offerings? Maybe you want to implement company-training videos. Alternatively, perhaps a webcast is in order. Using video in all aspects of company communications and marketing efforts makes sense for the future of your business.

Have you already started planning your next video campaign?

Now that you are aware of the risks of YouTube and public video streaming platforms, perhaps you are ready to make a move to a professional enterprise video. The experts at VBrick are ready to help. The Rev Platform provides first-class security, seamless integration, analytics, and all the data to keep your video production on track.

With a professional enterprise video company, you can access and save all the videos in a secure cloud system. That means you will free up space on the company servers for other content, and employees will be able to access the information from anywhere.

Are you ready to get started? Then contact us to schedule a demo today.

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