The Value of Video for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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One of the most challenging industries to be a communications professional is in the pharmaceutical industry.

You have to construct messages for a broad range of stakeholders and customers, all while complying with regulations.

Communications professionals can leverage emerging technologies like video to get their message across and do so in a way that is remembered.

People are becoming accustomed to consuming video content online, consuming about 6 hours of content per day.

Read on to learn the benefits of using video in all forms of communication in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Challenges of Pharmaceutical Communications

Medical equipment

In the pharmaceutical industry, companies must contend with several challenges when attempting to communicate the various audiences from healthcare providers, customers, investors and regulatory bodies.

Constant Change

The pharmaceutical landscape is constantly changing like a moving target that you must constantly adjust towards. Technology continues to change how pharmaceutical companies operate, and regulatory requirements are evolving constantly. This requires almost constant education and training for staff and customers.

Very Different Audiences

Not only do you need to communicate with consumers and employees, but you also need to reach healthcare providers. Of course, you can’t forget about investor communications. The approach to each audience is going to be vastly different. You need to have tailored messages in order to reach each audience and reach them in the right channel. To add to the challenge, there are more regulatory requirements for each form of communication.

Remembering the Customer Journey

The marketing landscaped has changed drastically. Consumer expectations have never been higher. They have come to expect the right message at the right time, delivered through the right channel. That makes your job more challenging to help consumers along the customer journey from research and education to support and aftercare.

The Benefits of Using Video

Incorporating video in your communications strategy and plans will bring clear benefits to your organization including:

Stronger Collaboration

Members within your organization may be spread across the world. They may be temporary workers working remotely or may be full-time employees at company headquarters.

As a result, collaboration on projects, especially via messaging tools or email, can be challenging. Video allows team members to connect as if they are in the same room. The ability to see each other can improve the connection and creativity between employees.

Education & Training is Easier

How many training sessions would you need to schedule to train or retrain your employees? For a global life sciences team, that number may be too high to count.

One strength of video deployment is scalability. You can either live stream a training seminar or you can have it available to your team on demand.

That allows your team to view the content at a time when they are focused. That increases the likelihood that the important training information gets through and knowledge is retained.

When training solutions are on-demand, employees have access to the information that they need. They can revisit the video and move on with their day.

Reduce Travel Costs

Another benefit of a video solution is the savings in travel costs. Employees no longer have to fly to a location for onboarding and training.

Video solutions minimize the need for all employees to be at the same place at the same time. They can access important video content at their convenience.

Man in medical gear looking down at specimenFlexible Storage Solutions

Companies may be reluctant to invest in video because they fear the strain it will put on IT staff. They do not want to invest in servers and find ways to maintain them.

That is not a challenge anymore. There are cloud solutions that allow you to host videos in a secure environment. This eliminates the need to invest in servers, maintenance, and secure storage.  Better yet, hosting video in a video content management solution improves your ability to search within a video or across video content.

Better Corporate Communications

Do your employees feel like company executives are hearing them? That’s nor very likely. When employees feel heard, they are almost 5 times more likely to deliver their best work for the organization.

You can leverage the power of video to reach your employees around the world. For example, the executive team can host a town hall via video.

That gives employees the opportunity to ask questions and provide constructive feedback to improve the operations of the organization.

Another example is using video in investor relations. Investors want to make sure that they are going to see a return each quarter. Rather than delivering results over a conference call, video can effectively communicate the enthusiasm the executive team has about the future of the company.

Doctors hand pointing at something on a tabletMarketing Pharma with Video

One of the most important uses of video is to educate your customers. You have a short time to educate healthcare providers on your company’s products.

You can create a video that your sales teams can show providers to articulate the benefits and results of your products.

Consumer expectations can also be met through video communications. For example, you can publish videos on your website that educate consumers about the uses and risks of products. These videos can be aligned with each step of the customer journey and used in sales and customer support.

Video Improves Pharmaceutical Industry Communications

There is no doubt that communications in the pharmaceutical industry has its challenges. Video can be incorporated to enhance and improve communications across the organization.

There are many benefits to using video. You can reduce travel costs, deliver tailored messages to healthcare providers and consumers, and deliver video through the appropriate channels.

You can also use video for all of your training and corporate communications needs. This ensures that your brand will be top of mind with a diverse range of audiences.

Would you like to know more about video solutions for the pharmaceutical industry? Schedule a demo of our enterprise video solutions.

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