Video Blog: Distributing Video

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My name is Kevin Mayo, and I’m a director of product management at Vbrick, responsible for video distribution products within our Rev Enterprise video platform. Getting video to viewers is a complex endeavor. Organizations are often confronted by many different challenges, including network limitations and users’ device compatibility issues are myriad of confusing video technologies.

All of these challenges directly impact the viewer’s experience in the video quality. Vbrick Rev solves these issues by providing several different but cooperating technologies. This includes our on-Prem(ise) caching engine, DMEs, a configurable set of peer-to-peer technologies, which we call Rev Connect, and integration with external CDNs. We also provide modern solutions for enterprise multicast and intelligent player fallbacks to assure the customer’s video experience. Now customers have a unique mix of business use cases and network capabilities.

As such, they don’t want to be limited to just one set of distribution technologies, and we don’t think they should be. Vbrick deploys the technologies that the customer use cases demand. “Options is the best option,” is our distribution strategy for our customers. Now you’ve heard all about the importance of having an enterprise video platform from the Vbrick team. Now let’s listen to see what our customers have to say.

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