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Video Blog: Customer Becomes Hero Using Vbrick Rev

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Charlene, can you tell me you’re one of our “OG” customers? And so, I know you’ve been with us for a long time. Can you tell me a little bit about sort of what life was like, how you managed, enterprise video type capability before you implemented our product and then sort of what it looked like before and then what it has looked like since you’ve implemented the product.

So, if we’re just talking about just enterprise video and not the live events here. No, that’s you, actually. Yeah, well, if I start with just the enterprise video part of it. So, it was It was kind of funny. There was a server somewhere that no one would ever be able to tell us where it was. Um, but that’s that one single server was where basically, it would store any videos for the enterprise. Um, finding who owned it, finding who updated it. That was always a chore. Because it was always different. Anytime you asked, and depending on who you ask, so I would say we did not have. And it wasn’t even a permission. It was just knowing who owned it. Right. And you would have to literally get them a video to put on the server for us. So, yeah, it didn’t exist. I’m just going to say we did not have a video solution before using Vbrick.

I wanted to do an all company Town Hall which had never been done before. And that would go over the 3,000 people. And I also didn’t want to pay for audio at the time. You’re paying a permanent per person charge for audio. Um, and he’s like, you need to talk with these people from Vbrick, which I had never heard of. And the rest is kind of history because it was about the easiest implementation I’ve ever seen in my life. It worked seamlessly with our existing video infrastructure. It was a minimal cost and minimal pain to implement. And, you know, it just worked.

And I can tell you that the team that does the broadcast team, as we call them, um, they have been very popular over the past several months because there’s no more, you know, large meetings. As we all know, all of us are working at home and people who didn’t know that we provided these services now know us very well. And I would say that the broadcasts have tripled. Now, you know, some of them we are just handling the WebEx. But we are using that WebEx live stream into Vbrick now. And I’m kind of pushing the team to use that more and more because it gives you really more control over the audience and to me the quality is better. So, um, it’s been a great relationship. And honestly, the tools could not be easier to use.

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