Product Launch Videos Are Essential: What to Consider When Using Them

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Image of a woman smiling with her palm facing up looking at the cameraNo one wants to play to an empty room when they launch a new product. Your team put hours of effort and resources into building the perfect product. Do not let them down by releasing a product to no applause.

Video solves this problem perfectly.

A well-produced product launch video placed on the right platform will fill your digital auditorium and bring customers to your door. In the COVID-19 era, releasing products at conventions and conferences no longer works. Instead, digitized launches and events are the way forward, and video is an ideal medium for this new direction in product launches.

Helping to tell a story is one way video is an excellent tool for unveiling new products. Story narratives built around a product help sell the product and draw in your target audience.

For instance, Dollar Shave Club created a product launch video that garnered millions of views and attracted thousands of buyers in 2012. Google Chrome ran a heart-warming tale of an older man reliving his memories during the 2020 Super Bowl LIV.

Video also allows you to define your brand. Do you want consumers to see your company as bold and daring? Or would you prefer that they see it as staunch and traditional? Is your primary focus the latest in technology? Or are you more centered on easy access and user-friendly features?

With video, you can answer all these questions and more while promoting your new product.

The Best Options for a Product Launch Video

You have many options to consider when developing your product launch video. It is crucial to remember that the type of video you create and how you unveil it should depend on the product you are launching.

Some options to consider when preparing a marketing strategy for your product launch video include:

  • Live stream the launch on social media
  • Host an exclusive invitation-only digital event
  • Publish teaser ads on traditional and social media
  • Release a series of tutorial videos
  • Present an open invitation live stream town hall event

Certain products work better in some formats than others. Have your marketing team consider all their ideas, think outside the box, and devise a strategy that utilizes at least one option listed above.

When it comes to live streaming your product launch, you can broadcast it on any popular social media outlet. Nearly all platforms now support live streaming.

With the use of hashtags and pre-live stream promotion, including advertising, you can generate a captive audience to watch you reveal and exhibit the product your company worked so hard on. The press can also easily join your live stream. You can take this idea further by hosting a live-streamed town hall where anyone can ask questions.

If you are looking to intrigue investors, existing customers, and potential partners, consider hosting an exclusive digital event. After all, nothing builds intrigue like an invite-only event. Using a safe, secure enterprise video platform should be your first step. Doing so will give you the reliability, customization, and security you need.

You will also want to integrate the platform with your existing infrastructure and workflows seamlessly. Your guests should be able to interact with the video for this event to be a success.

Investing in Long-Term Results

Tutorial videos are one of the best ways to develop long-lasting online traffic. If your product is game-changing or novel, a series of well-developed, interactive tutorials will bring more people to your website even after the initial product launch.

No one wants to drown in a sea of confusing words and unknown terminology found in a handbook. And some new products are so revolutionary that people need to see how to use them.

If people perceive your product as difficult to understand or use, it might flop. Tutorial videos show people how to use your product, build a personal connection with your brand, and deliver hands-on proof that the product works.

Tutorial videos require a little more effort than some other product launch video options, but they can produce long-lasting benefits.

Not only will you produce video content that generates long-term website traffic, but 85% of potential customers who watch tutorials become actual customers, according to The New York Times best-selling author and marketer Neil Patel.

Setting the Right Foundation for Your Product Launch Video

Above all else, it is critical to remember that product launch videos should not be difficult to load or access. Nothing turns a potential buyer off like the inability to load or play a video or live stream.

That is why you want to ensure you have the right platform for your product launch video. That way, your marketing staff can execute its launch marketing strategy without difficulty.

Video and live streaming provide a modern, effective method for launching new products. You can engage the media and potential customers while enhancing your brand and maybe even helping your product go viral.

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