Getting Your Organization Ready for the Return to Office

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Millions of remote workers are beginning to head back to their offices, many of them for the first time in well over a year. In the time since the pandemic started, employees have gotten used to doing most of their work in their home offices, bedrooms and living rooms. Their video-streaming habits have changed too and they most likely won’t be changing back.

Many companies are staying ahead of this trend by transitioning to hybrid work environments. But that brings special challenges because their networks will need to be able to handle an unprecedented amount of video streaming traffic. With the right enterprise video solution, you can manage the return to office skillfully and get your company ready for the new era of work.

How the Return to the Office Could Affect Your Video Content

Video became the main form of communication for most remote workers during the pandemic. And for good reason: It helps maintain that human touch in interactions between employees, creating a greater sense of trust and shared experience. Videoconferencing was a good way to communicate in real time, but many organizations realized they could get a lot more out of video.

Video recordings made asynchronous interactions possible — employees no longer actually needed to be present to tune into a"Moving to a Hybrid Work Model?" Click here to download meeting, streaming the event whenever it was convenient for them. Asynchronous video also made online training and onboarding much easier, as organizations could undergo these processes without having to align so many different schedules.

These tools helped during the pandemic, but video streaming is no longer just a clever way to get work done while working from home. Employees and employers alike are now convinced of their benefits, and few people expect to stop using them once offices reopen. Companies will need to configure their networks in a way that can handle a huge level of video streaming even when they don’t know exactly how many people will be in their offices.

Using an Enterprise Video Platform to Overcome Bandwidth Problems in the Office

Graphic of map holding a briefcase and a phone heading to the officeOne of the biggest challenges organizations face in our new normal is the bandwidth difficulties that will result from operating a hybrid work environment. Your employees use video for almost everything now, and with so much additional traffic, your corporate network is going to have to be able to handle traffic no matter how many people decide to come into the physical workplace.

This is a unique problem for the hybrid office. When everyone was working from home, employees did all their video streaming on their home networks, leaving the corporate network mostly untouched.

Enterprise video platforms use an enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) as opposed to the more common public CDNs to support video streaming. eCDNs enable companies to deliver a much larger volume of content across their entire ecosystem more efficiently and with fewer problems, giving your employees a better viewing experience.

Optimizing Video Content for Your Employees

Video is good for business, but lacking a proper video management system can cause your video content to get holed up in data silos and lost. Investing in the right enterprise video platform is key to ensuring that all your video content stays usable and easily accessible. Here are some of the ways an enterprise video platform can help you optimize your content:

  • Transcribe video for easy readability: An enterprise video platform has built-in transcription capabilities so you can automatically transcribe all video content as soon as it’s been posted. That makes searching through each piece of content easier, and saves your employees time that would otherwise be spent scrolling back and forth in a video.
  • Translate content for other audiences: One of the great benefits of remote work is that companies can hire employees from anywhere in the world, vastly expanding their talent pool. That also means some of your employees may not speak English as their first language. An enterprise video platform overcomes this problem by translating videos into dozens of different languages so everyone can take advantage of them.
  • Search all available content: Gone are the days where team members have to spend hours of their time parsing through emails, chats and folders to find videos. Video enterprise platforms store all of your video content in a single, well-organized location, so your employees can easily search the database and find the content they’re looking for in seconds.

The Business Benefits of Having a Reliable Enterprise Video Platform

Video streaming helps employees stay engaged, but without a proper way to manage your video content, you can easily miss outWoman pointing at her laptop screen showing a video library on the benefits. Organizing your content in a way that makes it searchable and accessible ensures that your team members get the most use from your content, helping them stay engaged and boosting their job satisfaction.

But employee engagement doesn’t stop there. During livestream events, an enterprise video platform enables you to adjust the interaction settings and allow participants to ask questions, make comments and participate in polls, all of which make them feel more like a part of the action.

Other ways your business can benefit:

  • Scalability: Video management systems enable your video content to keep pace while your company scales up both internally and externally.
  • Security: Protect your video content from external cyberthreats while at the same time placing administrative controls on users to monitor what gets posted.
  • Productivity: Better employee engagement means each worker is happier and more productive. You’ll get more from each of your employees, helping to drive growth.

Vbrick Rev Helps You Optimize Your Video Management System

Video content is the glue that’s going to hold your hybrid workplace together, so it’s important you have the right enterprise video platform to manage video across your entire network.

That’s where Vbrick comes in. Our solutions enable you to leverage video content to better engage your employees while transforming your video content management systems and capabilities.

Download our eBook to learn more, and contact us today to schedule a free demo of our platform.


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