Enrich Customer Experiences with Vbrick + ServiceNow

Empower Your Agents and Delight Customers With Video

Enrich Customer Experiences with Vbrick + ServiceNow

Empower Your Agents and Delight Customers With Video

Enrich Customer Experiences with Vbrick + ServiceNow2024-05-07T14:04:31-04:00

Use Video to Deepen Brand Trust and Foster Genuine Customer Relationships

In today’s digital landscape, meeting consumers where they are is more challenging than ever. That’s why incorporating video into your customer service blueprint is not just important — it’s essential.

We help revolutionize businesses through modern, video-driven workflows and experiences tailored for both customers and the agents who support them. By infusing video into your support tools, we streamline processes and empower agents to deliver exceptional service faster than ever. And we don’t stop there. We provide your business with everything it needs to create engaging video experiences for your customers, enhancing their connection to your business.

Vbrick helps you connect to your audience in more authentic and meaningful ways.

of customers prefer watching a video over reading text to learn about products and services
of consumers want to see more videos from brands
of customers view video support as a positive experience

Redefine Your Business With Video-Driven Experiences

With the combined power of Vbrick and ServiceNow®, effortlessly embed videos into the portals and workflows where your agents and customers go to get information. Gone are the days of scattered links and fragmented content. Now, it’s easy to create video experiences that elevate customer engagement and improve information sharing for the agents servicing them.

Whether you’re delivering product demonstrations, instructional guides, or compelling narratives to agents or customers, we make it easy for you to drive customer satisfaction.

Power Your Customer Workflows With AI

Integrate our AI-powered video features into ServiceNow’s workflows like Customer Service Management to revolutionize how you service your customers. This innovative workflow embedding capability aims to enhance self-service functionalities and expedite issue resolution. By seamlessly incorporating intelligent video into your existing customer service processes, Vbrick empowers you to foster stronger connections and deliver richer experiences that drive satisfaction and loyalty.

Video suggestions at exactly the right moment

A virtual assistant for quick insights and answers

Create Video Experiences That Empower Agents and Make Lasting Customer Impressions

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