Vbrick Acquires eCDN Provider, Ramp

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Vbrick Strengthens Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) Capabilities with Ramp Acquisition

HERNDON, Va. — December 19, 2022 — Vbrick, the leading end-to-end enterprise video solutions provider, today announced it has acquired enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) provider, Ramp Holdings, Inc.

An integral part of a comprehensive enterprise video strategy, eCDNs optimize video distribution behind the corporate firewall, eliminating network bandwidth and latency challenges while ensuring high-quality end-user experiences. Vbrick and Ramp are the industry’s leading eCDN providers, each offering multiple video distribution modalities to support a variety of network configurations, giving customers flexible options to meet any enterprise use case.

This flexibility is essential for organizations supporting remote and hybrid workers along with their office-based counterparts. With hybrid work policies often being set at the department or division level, IT teams must be prepared with a network that can handle spikes in video traffic. The combined power of Ramp and Vbrick’s eCDN technologies create an unparalleled solution for delivering flawless live and on-demand video.

“As video becomes more pervasive in the workplace, large organizations need proven and reliable enterprise video solutions with an eCDN that can optimize corporate network utilization and ensure great viewer experiences,” said Paul Sparta, chairman, and CEO of Vbrick. “Vbrick’s acquisition of Ramp consolidates the eCDN market’s best features and capabilities into a unified edge caching and multicast solution – together with Vbrick’s native peer-to-peer solution, this is a winning combination that will advance our ongoing commitment to building a better hybrid workplace for a new era of video streaming at scale.”

Customer and partner success will remain a top priority throughout this transition, and Vbrick will fully support existing Ramp customers and Ramp-certified partners in addition to Ramp eCDN technology as we move to unify into a single eCDN platform.

“We are excited to join the Vbrick family,” said Neal Stanton, Co-CEO and CRO at Ramp. “This represents an important next step in Ramp’s mission to provide the most effective and secure video delivery. Vbrick is the industry leader and together we will provide richer solutions and greater support for our customers.”

To learn more about Vbrick, visit vbrick.com.

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Vbrick is the leading Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) provider. Its end-to-end, cloud-native solution removes operational, performance, security and integration barriers to adoption, unlocking the true power of video for the enterprise. The world’s most widely recognized brands rely on Vbrick’s proven unified streaming, video-on-demand, and content management capabilities to engage, empower, and transform their organizations at scale. To learn more visit vbrick.com.

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