Why Video Analytics Are An Essential Piece of the Enterprise Video Puzzle

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Video analytics can be an overlooked piece of an enterprise’s video content.

Many people think you choose a video platform before worrying about measuring that content’s performance. But this approach presents a few problems.

First, not factoring video analytics into your video solution can be a missed opportunity.

The best enterprise video content platforms come equipped with built-in video analysis software. You need to factor video analytics into your selection process to ensure you pick the best video platform for your company.

Plus, you want to work with other teams in your organization to get the most out of your video content. For example, IT needs to help you integrate your video platform into your company’s existing infrastructure.

But IT can also benefit from the video analysis software that comes with your video solution. The same is true of other parts of your organization, including recruiting and marketing and communications.

In this article, we cover why video analytics are essential to your enterprise’s video platform. And we look at what you should look for when weighing a video analytics solution.

Improving Your Video Performance 

Whether you’re live video streaming or delivering on-demand content, how your video performs is critical.

You need to know if a video lags or fails to load in specific web browsers or email programs.

Your newest marketing video does you no good if one-third of the email campaign’s recipients can’t watch it. And the last thing you need during your all-hands town hall is for the live stream to drop during the event.

Making sure your enterprise video tool comes with a video analytics solution can give you the video performance data you and the rest of your teams need.

With such a solution, your IT team can monitor your livestream’s performance in real-time. That way, they can make adjustments as needed to ensure the highest quality for most viewers.

You spend time and money creating videos for your employees, customers, and target audience. You need to get the most out of that effort.

Picking an enterprise video platform equipped with a video analytics solution is a significant step toward ensuring you receive a return on your video investment.

Leveraging Video Content Data 

Along with performance, engagement data is crucial to getting the most out of your video content.

Video engagement metrics include everything from the number of views to if people share your videos with others. This data can help you answer many questions, such as:

  • What’s the average length of time someone watches your video?
  • At what point in the video do people drop-off?
  • Where are the viewers located?

You can then use this insight to improve your videos.

Let’s say you noticed during your last sales webinar that people started dropping off at a particular segment. You can focus on improving that part of the webinar and see if that improves your webinar’s performance.

Or, you see that a majority of views of your latest marketing video come from one city. Maybe you should run a targeted campaign to potential customers in that location.

Perhaps you notice that during your last town hall, employees watched most while your CEO addressed a specific topic. If you’re on the internal communications team, you might want to create additional content for your employees around that subject.

There are many ways you can use video engagement data. These metrics can help you improve your video return on investment (ROI), and they can direct you toward new initiatives and campaigns.

The key is making sure you can get that data. That’s why you must have video analytics as part of your video solution.

Why a Video Analytics Solution Matters 

Enterprise video use is exploding.

An already growing trend is accelerating due to COVID-19. For example, webcast volumes spiked once the pandemic took hold.

If your organization’s expanding its use of video, be sure to review the video analytics solutions of the platforms you’re considering. Video analytics can help your company:

  • Ensure its videos are accessible and perform well.
  • Understand how viewers engage with its videos.
  • Drive new and more efficient efforts.

And you won’t get this level of data and insight from consumer-focused video solutions, such as YouTube. Only an enterprise-level video platform will give you the video analytics your organization needs.

Video analytics will help you get the most significant ROI out of your video investment. That’s why ensuring you can get this data should be an essential part of your video content strategy.

If you’d like to learn more about video metrics, this blog post walks you through leveraging webinar analytics.

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