Video Blog: Video Enrichment

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Hi. My name is Olivier Meyer and I lead the product team here at Vbrick. Our team is responsible for the Rev enterprise video platform, its road map, and the releases that you see coming out every couple months.

Now one of the key areas of functionality in the platform is its enterprise video content management capabilities. I’m fond of saying that we want to be more than a hard drive for your videos. We want the act of managing and storing content in Rev to automatically add value to that content one of the challenges with video is you typically have to watch the whole video in order to get its value. Or if you have a growing library of video content, it’s really not reasonable to expect all of your employees to watch all of your videos in order to get the value that they might need for making decisions or for training.

So one of the key areas of functionality that we have been adding to the platform is around the concept of enrichment: automatically adding transcriptions/translations, and optionally adding facial recognition to drive an enhanced search experience and an enhanced recommendation experience so that your employees can really get at the most relevant content quickly and efficiently without having to watch all of that video content. Or even jumping very quickly to the specific portion within a video that might be most relevant to them.

Now it’s key for an enterprise video content management solution to not only provide a great search experience and a recommendation engine, but it also needs to make sure that content is secured and takes into account the permissions that an individual user might have. And in that realm, I’m going to turn it over to Terry Medhurst who will talk a little bit about our security capabilities and the importance of security when it comes to video. Thank you.

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