How You Can Use Video to Keep Your Team Updated During the Administration Transition

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As the Trump administration gives way to the Biden administration, how can you keep your team updated during the transition?

Video can help.

Video is an excellent tool for connecting with employees and contractors, ensuring they’re informed and engaged. Your agency’s leadership can provide recorded video updates that will capture workers’ attention. And you can host live townhalls and Q&A sessions to answer people’s questions.

If policies and procedures change, video tutorials are a terrific way to educate employees. And, with the right video platform in place, you can measure and monitor your team’s progress working through your training and compliance videos.

A private live stream Q&A session is another way video can help your team during these changing times.

Leaders can’t always anticipate their workers’ questions. But a live-streamed Q&A gives employees an opportunity to ask leaders the questions they need to have answered to be more effective and secure in their jobs.

Change is hard for many of us. Information, though, can help your team adapt to the new administration. And video can be a powerful tool for disseminating the info and updates your agency’s workforce needs.

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